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Amotekun: AGF Cannot Make Laws on His Own, Says Makinde


Oyo State Governor Seyi Makinde has described the stand of the Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami on the Western Nigerian Security Network codenamed Operation Amotekun as a social media speculation.

He stated he is not aware of any law that empowers the AGF to make such laws for the country.

Makinde spoke on Wednesday while fielding questions from journalists at the Hilltop mansion of the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library residence of the former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

The governor, after more than two hour closed- door meeting with former President, told reporters that he had gone on the visit to greet Obasanjo on the occasion of the commemoration of the New Year celebration.

Justifying the establishment of the Amotekun, Makinde said just like it is in other sectors of the national life, there are gaps that needed to be filled and the new regional security outfit is in complementary to the conventional security operatives, as thought fit by the Southwest Governors.

Using Oyo state as an example, Makinde reiterated that security is a key agenda of his programme noting that adequate security is a panacea to attracting and retaining investments as a tool for expanding the state economy in the interest of the people.

Makinde said “You don’t run government on the social media. I am only reading about it on the social media like every other person but If I see a letter or I get a call from the AGF telling me all those things, then it will be a different type of reaction from me.

“I have been reading just like you are also reading on the social media. I haven’t seen anything to that effect and besides, I don’t think the AGF will just wake up and make his own laws.

“He may interpret and advise the President on legal issues but, I haven’t seen anything that gave that power to the AGF to make that declaration.

“If you listen to my speech that day (of the inauguration of Amotekun), I did say that the outfit is complementary to the efforts of the Nigerian Police and other security agencies.

“In Oyo state, the government is being placed on four major pillars. They are education, health, security and then expansion of our economy through agribusiness.

“So, security is a major pillar for us and we believe that we cannot have any development in an atmosphere that is not secured.

“If you look at investment, money they say is a coward, it only comes in to where there is peace. For money that wants to come in to any economy, when such money sees that it is not secure, it will fly and run away and may not return to the place.

“Security is key, the security agencies are doing their best but there are still gaps, just like in most sectors of our body polity, we do have gaps. In education, in healthcare delivery and also security there are gaps but we believe that playing a complementary role will also help to narrow those gaps.”



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