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APC Asked for Trouble, PDP Made it Double


I used to watch a television programme called, ‘You asked for it’.

That title sums up the treatment the Goodluck Jonathan Presidential Campaign Organisation continues to meet out to the All Progressives Congress (APC), especially its presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, who has been battling with all manner of moral ‘’stones’’ being hurled at him from all directions.

It is very easy for any open-minded and objective observer of the unfolding political drama to decipher that the PDP attacks on the retired general were designed to discredit him before Nigerians and much as I sympathise with Buhari, I dare say his party, the APC asked for it!

For quite a long time, the APC had been on President Jonathan’s matter. The so-called progressives never see anything good in the president and his actions and are always quick to condemn any act by Patience’s husband. If Mr. President failed to visit a troubled part of the country, the APC will be the first to chide Jonathan for not being alive to his responsibilities and when the man eventually go on the visit, the party will say the visit is belated.

As Mallam Nasir El-Rufai is ‘punching’ Jonathan on the social media, APC’s spokesperson, Alhaji Lai Mohammed is busy, giving the president a jab on the nose while Asiwaju Bola Tinubu would deliver the knockout punch on the president.

But now the table has turned, the president now has a Femi Fani Kayode also called FFK, who is a master at ‘roforofo’ fight, remember his exploits as SA, Public Affairs to Chief Obasanjo.

Before FFK came, the APC thought they had the monopoly of brazen, damning and corrosive media “attacks”, but now President Jonathan has given them their match in Femi Fani Kayode.

And since FFK joined the Goodluck Team, Buhari has had no respite as they’ve been hurling all manner of “stones” at the man though the effort has not really worked because it is too obvious they are calculated attempts at calling a dog a bad name in order to hang it. Nigerians have not bought into the PDP propaganda that is also a forte of the APC.

General Buhari should however, thank his stars for remaining blameless, but blame his party men for the unfair attacks and campaign of calumny he’s suffered in the hands of the PDP hawks because the APC asked for trouble and PDP made it double!


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