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APC Berates Fayose’s One-month Administration in Ekiti

By Sunday Rotilefon
The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ekiti State has lamented the hardship the residents of the state are going through a month after Governor Ayodele Fayose was inaugurated inyo officr.
They described it as one month of reversals in the state.
A statement made available to our correspondent by the State Publicity Secretary of APC, Taiwo Olatubosun, regretted that while it is the standard practice in other states to celebrate their governors after a month in office, the experience in Ekiti State is that of gloom, anger, frustration and disappointment by the people.
The APC spokesman said instead of charting a course to create greater hope among the people as promised during his campaigns, they had come to the grim reality of politics of deception by the governor.
According to the statement: “Before the election, he created the impression that within one month, Ekiti State would have become another America where the people will have all the comforts and necessities of life. He rubbished everything done by Governor Kayode Fayemi to put the state on the fast lane of development, saying his development agenda is not populist enough to allow the commonman get the best out of their lives. “But what do we have so far and what do we expect from the foundation Fayose is laying? Of course a journey back to Egypt, hopelessness, job losses and old practice of governance by deceit.”
Olatubosun also cited closure of the Federal College, Isan-Ekiti, sealing of the petrol stations belonging to opposition politicians, outrageous award of contract to put marble in front of the Government House, which he had earlier described as too expensive; repainting of the newly-painted building and relaying of asphalt on an already asphalted road leading to the lodge, “all these unilaterally awarded to his sister’s company. To add salt to injury, artisans working on the marble are all imported from Ibadan when many Ekiti artisans could do the job. This a man who claims to be a friend of the masses”
“He unilaterally dissolved 35 LCDAS created by the House of Assembly without recourse to the Assembly.
“The state Internally Generated Revenue started declining from N400 million in June (immediately he was declared Governor-Elect).It has now gone down to an embarrassing N120 million in November from N600m attained by Fayemi in the last three and half years.”

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