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APC Chieftain Drags Party Candidate Before NWC Over Certificate Forgery


By Wale Ibrahim, Lokoja

A Chieftain of All Progressives Congress (APC), Mr Kehinde Akin Akinola has dragged  Hon. David Idris Zacharias, the party candidate for Idah Federal constituency  before the National Working Committee (NWC) over alleged certificate  forgery,  questionable and cannot withstand the test of judicial scrutiny.

In a petition addressed to  the National working committee of the party in Abuja,  the petitioner said having gone through the said candidate’s credentials has arrived at irresistible conclusion  that Hon. David Idris Zacharias has not only misrepresented facts to the party, “but lied on oath which the information can be capitalised upon by the opposition to rob the party on the seat, should he win at the polls”.

However Hon. Zacharias said there was no petition against him on any issue,  saying, that is a figment of someone’s imagination.

The petition by one Kehinde Akin Akinola of no 55 Akinkpelu close Area 2, section 2, Garki -Abuja, the petitioner alleged that the information supplied to the party by Hon David Idris Zacharias are not only false but forged.

“The results presented by Hon. David Idris Zacharias to the party for screening are manifestly contradictory and suggestive of the fact they are forged and or fabricated”, statement from the petition read.

The petitioner, a member of the party and civil society organization for good governance averred that the credentials submitted by the candidate of the party raised dust, among many,  as to the genuiness of the owner and his qualification to use the certificate to contest the party primary or general election to that effect.

“That the information supplied to the party by Hon. David Idris Zacharias, a candidate for House of Respresentives for Idah Federal constituency are not only false but forged, I felt obliged to have attention of your office drawn to same with a view to maintaining  the integrity of our reputed party and to save it from presenting a wrong candidate”, the petition stressed.

Explaining,  the petitioner said the name on Hon. Zacharias Primary School Certificate is Idrisu Zekeri, while his Secondary School, which he claimed he attended and obtained certificate is from Aloji Community Secondary School in Kogi State bears Monday Amana, based on the affidavit he submitted to that effect.

However, a close look into 2013 affidavit he deposed to, revealed that, contrary to the Monday Amana which he claimed to have used in Secondary School, the name on the said result is David Zakarias as opposed to Monday Amana or David Idrisu Zakarias.

He also claimed that the name on his University Certificate is David Zakarias, which is different from that on the Nomination Form he allegedly presented to the Party,( Hon. David Idris Zacharias).

Shedding more light, Akintola said the concerned further contradicted himself; on the 26th February, 2013,as  Hon David Idris Zacharias deposed to an affidavit of change of name where he claimed to be formerly known as Idrisu Zekeri and that during his Secondary School education at Aloji, Kogi State he changed his name to Monday Amana which is the name on his Secondary School Certificate.

The petitioner further alleged  that he claimed to have changed his name to Monday Amana while at the Secondary School, Aloji, Ofu Loca Government, Kogi State, saying that the result he presented to the party for the said election is from Alla – Ejima Community Secondary School with the name David Zakarias which has no relationship with Aloji where he claimed to have attended.

However,  David Idris Zakarias in a telephone interview on Sunday evening said, “I don’t have any petition against me,  go ahead with  your story and don’t call this number again”.

Sources hinted that besides the human right petition, it was gathered that petitions on the said candidate have been flooding the national secretariat of the party from other members and interest group over the weak links in his academic qualification, and the fear of losing the seat to the opposition party after the election, if the party wins.

Meanwhile,  a contestant who craved for anonymity said the party primary election committee chairman for the constituency, Mrs Maureen Ipaye told them before the commencement of the party primary election  at Idah, which  Zakarias emerged said that the concerned has been disqualified, but later withdrew her words to the surprise of all, and allowed him to contest the said election.

In a chat, Mrs Ipaye denied any such petition against the petitioned, (Zakarias), saying that there was nothing like that, for the said person emerged in a free and fairs party primary election which she conducted in-tandem with the party guidelines.


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