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APC Crisis :Our Party Must Not Disintegrate, Buhari Tells Members


President Muhammadu Buhari has advised members of the governing party, All Progressives Congress (APC), to withdraw all pending litigations against one another, and settle for internal conciliation.

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The president, who gave the advice at an emergency virtual meeting of the party’s National Working Committee (NEC), in Abuja on Thursday warned that the mutating disagreements could lead to self-destruction, with dire consequences.

He further warned that the gains of the party could be reversed as conflicts overshadow the primary objective of service to the people, urging members to refocus on the larger picture and place more emphasis on uniting the party.

He said: “Fellow party members, this is a very crucial moment in the life of our party and it is with a deep sense of concern that I stand before you today to speak as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria who has been elected on the platform of our great party – the All Progressives Congress.

“The issues currently confronting our party at this time are such that should worry every party member. At the moment, our great party is faced with internal wrangling; there are on-going litigations amongst some party members and we cannot clearly ascertain the status of certain National Working Committee (NWC) members.’’

The President expressed worry over the shifting loyalty within the party and inconsistency in leadership, which had opened the governing party to mockery.

“There are also other associated disputes as to the legitimacy or otherwise of holders of certain National Offices of the Party.  The Party is also contending with Judicial claims and counter-claims, Orders and Counter-Orders   and  indeed   Judgments   and   Counter-Judgments   that   are   predominantly at cross-purposes.

“Confronted with these issues, it is obvious that the fortunes of the party are currently  in jeopardy,   administration   of   our   party   is   becoming impossible and there is consequently an urgent need for intervention to immediately arrest further drifts and internal wrangling which may lead to total disintegration.

“What   we   see   clearly   emerging,   is   that   we   are beginning   to   self-destruct.   This, my dear party members, is not just regrettable but utterly gut   wrenching.’’



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