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APC More Deadly Than PDP – PRP

…Says Kwara governance lamentable,unfortunate
By Mosunmola Ayobami, Kwara
The interim Chairman of Peoples Redemption Party (PRP), Professor Mahmud Aliyu has said the current ruling part All Progressives Congress (APC) is more deadly than the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) with the way the Party (APC )manipulates itself into power at states and Local government Levels.
He said both APC and PDP ‎are just playing on the intelligence of Nigerian masses adding that new generation leaders from the platform of PRP which has been existing for over 60 years remains the only party that can salvage the country in a time like this.
Aliyu stated this during and press Conference  held at Kwara state Correspondent Chapel Secretariat  Ilorin on Saturday.
‎”APC is more deadly than PDP,look at what happened in the Edo Governorship Election,look at the scenario that played itself out at the Ondo governorship election,look at the way Local government election are being conducted by the various state government,” he said.
The chairman who doubles as legal luminary described kwara state,manner of governance very lamentable and unfortunate ,he said the masses have been blind folded,resulting to those at the elms of affair treating the masses as they like.
“Kwara state manner of governance is very lamentable and unfortunate because this is the state where people do not reason with you,the government in Kwara state has failed woefully,since the time of of Bukola Saraki,they have treat our people as they like,the  more reason we bring PRP to Kwara,the issue is left for Kwarans to have credible people in positions,” he added.
Aliyu noted that coalition for Nigeria Movement is one of the gimmicks by politicians to remain relevant,adding that the movement will not add any value to us as a nation.
The PRP boss in Kwara said rather than the clamour for restructuring ‎what Nigeria needs now is good governance.
“The possibility of Nigeria becoming a one party state is imminent,Nigeria is at the verge of becoming a one party state as a final nail on the coffin will take place if any of the two leading political parties APC- ruling party ‎PDP the main oppostion should win election at the centre in the 2019 general election.
“They (PDP and APC) share the same‎ ideology,they have the same style of ruling and they even share members,members move from one party to the other at will and they just want to be rotating the governance of the country between/among themselves,” he said.
According to the Chairman “Employment into higher institutions particularly University is only through connections which is no different if not worse from what happened in the previous government.
Aliyu emphasised that of all the association that now parade themselves,the peoples Redemption Party(PRP) under the party’s National Chairman Alh Abdulkadir Balarabe Musa is the only party that can take this country out of the calamitous situation we are now in,the only party that consistently remains pro masses for over 60 years.
He therefore urged patriotic Nigerians to break the vicious circle of being governed or led by semi illiterates,half educated people who have successfully become local champions who twist us as they want,turning the nation to that of the blinds been led by one eyed man.

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