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APC: It’s All over for PDP in Osun


By Tunde Oyekola

The  All Progressives Congress in Osun State has said “it is all over for the PDP in the state,” in its reaction to the victory the party secured Friday at the Election Petition sTribunal over PDP’s challenge of Governor Rauf Aregbesola’s defeat of Senator Iyiola Omisore in the August 9, 2014 governorship election.

According to the party’s spokesman, Barr. Kunle Oyatomi, in a statement made available to news men in Osogbo, “PDP has so disgraced and diminished itself in the eyes of Osun people that ‘today, it has become the least credible and the most ridiculous party that any sane person would want to touch with the longest of poles”.

The party further stated that “anybody who listened to the Tribunal’s judgment on the value of PDP/Omisore case will not only ostracise the PDP, he or she will find it difficult to place any significant worth on the party’s current leadership capacity to run government.

“As currently constituted, the  Osun PDP leadership is delinquent in intellectual capacity, suffers severe disability in civilised political conduct and lacks the decency to be responsible players in the politics of Osun and Nigeria in general,” the APC asserted.

“The history of the PDP in Osun since 2003‎, is pathetic. Instead of good governance, it has been fraught with all manners of violence, political shenanigans, leadership back stabbing and fraudulent upstaging of constituted authority. And when the combined effect of these vile behaviours hit the party in 2010, the PDP has been in a free fall.

“So, since 2007, it has not won any election‎ in the state”.

The APC is therefore of the opinion that with the latest defeat at the Tribunal, the PDP has exhausted‎ it’s electoral value and can never again matter in the politics of the state, “except that party undergoes a comprehensive dismantling and restructuring,” the APC declared.

“Even at that,” the APC contended, “the PDP has so damaged itself that it is unlikely to recover in the next decades”.

According to the APC‎, a party which has degenerated to the level of lying to itself (as Osun PDP did in the last four years), and believing its lies so much that it could mobilise, its few supporters donning ‘aso ebi’, onto the street to jubilate over a phantom victory at a Tribunal case which was yet to be decided, “demonstrated a pathogical descent into delirium, worse than that of addicted drug users.

“It is the reason the Tribunal’s verdict last Friday dealt PDP a fatal blow from which it can hardly recover,” the APC said.


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