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APC, SDP in War Over Youth Employment in Osun

By Tunde Oyekola, Osogbo
The All Progressives Congress (APC) has taken up the recruitment drive of the gubernatorial candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) Senator Iyiola Omisore describing it as a gimmick to attract votes in the forthcoming election.
Senator Omisore had in the last few weeks called on unemployed youths in the state to obtain forms and register for job at his party Secretariat.
He explained that his party’s aim for the registration is to train the youths and make them employable and stop capital flight from Osun to Lagos state.
However, the ruling party in the state said, “If you don’t know it, there is an employment scam in town, and the one and only Iyiola Omisore is at it again”.
That is the allegation coming from the APC Secretariat through a statement from the party’s Directorate of Publicity Research and Strategy Barrister Kunle Oyatomi circulated to the press today.
According to the party, “Just as Omisore did in 2014, he is again circulating a bogus employment form and asking the unemployed to fill.
“This whole damned thing is a scam and the people of Osun should discountenance it”, the APC warned.
“It is another governorship election cycle and as usual Omisore is again engaged in a mean deception of pliable people”, the APC alleged.
“If Omisore has any job to give anyone, why should he wait until this period, when election is less than 40 days away?” the party asked.
“The people of Osun already know that Omisore is not, and does not have an employment agency.
“So for him to be giving jobless people the impression that he cares about their joblessness is fake. The purpose is to deceive and mislead impressionable people that job is available for them.
“Isn’t that another form of political fraud?” the APC queried.
“It is pure and simple – a scam, what our people will call ‘babanla 419!,” the party declared‎.
The APC expressed surprise that, Omisore didn’t seem to have learnt anything from his comprehensive failure in 2014. If this lie did not work then, how can it work now?
In his reaction, Senator Omisore said, “The primary concern of the APC is just to award contracts and take our money to Lagos. We want to restore dignity back to our people. With diligent planning we are going to employ all employable graduates in this state. We need data to know where we are going. We would train them to be employable and give them assess to new skills. There are 10 trade centres in Osun State that have not been utilised. We would equip them. We are going to pay all salaries up to date and pensioners would be paid up to date.
“Our manifesto development. We are insisting on human capital development in Osun StateThe working of any policy and programme is dependent on human capital development. Unemployment rate in Osun is high and for us to plan, we want to know the number of unemployed graduates. We want to plan for them. The government is not sincere. Our people are impoverished, but the state government is giving jobs to plumbers, masons and other artisans from Lagos.
“We are emphasising local content in our government. All jobs emanating from Osun State must be done by the people in Osun. All graduates would be employed and trained to be employable. If we want to get to the level we desire, we must ascertain where we are, we started this programme over a year, they did not talk. We started with vocational skills, involving artisans like auto mechanics, electricians, hairdressers and so on. We have finished with those categories.
“We are now on indigenes with with educational qualification such as OND, HND and first degrees. We want to start working immediately we get into government. We don’t want OYES kind of thing where people will be given only N10,000 only for them to be disengaged after a period of time. We want to give people dignified and pensionable employment. Human capital is germane and it is contained in our manifesto. Financial resources of any state can only be effectively driven by human capital development”.

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