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Osun Committee On APC Ward Congesses Calls For Calm, Receives 32 Petitions


By Deborah Oladejo, Osogbo

Members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Osun State on Saturday trooped out in their large number to submit petitions to the Appeal Committee set up by the National Secretariat of the party to address issues arising from the last Ward Congress.

Speaking with journalists at the party secretariat in Osogbo, chairman of the committee, Ambassador Obed Wadzain, appealed to aggrieved members of the party to remain calm assuring that the committee will ensure fairness and justice in carrying out its duties.

Wadzain who disclosed that 32 petitions were given to them from the National, Headquarters, maintained that the committee will look at all the petitions before they leave the state.

His words: “We are members of the APC Ward Congresses Appeals Committee. We are also members of the APC. We have come from the National Headquarters, Abuja to specifically come and look at the appeals and petitions from members of the APC in Osun State.

“We have come to assure you that we are all members of the same family. All of you have contributed to the building and consolidation and strengthening of the party.

“All of you are leaders of this party in your respective local governments, wards and units. We are here to assure you that we will be fair, just and we will look at the petitions that you bring to us with all the sense of responsibility that is expected of the national level.

“We will like to assure you that we will not leave this place without attending to all the petitions you have brought.

“That is the reason why the National Caretaker and Extraordinary Convention Committee led by His Excellency, Mala Buni have delegated us here. We are agents of the national party and you are members of the APC.

“All of us are doing the same thing. We want you to go back home with this sense of assurance that this party is your own, that the right thing will be done, that we will continue to maintain hold on Osun State but it cannot be done in an atmosphere of rowdiness. We need you people to calm down.

“If you do not allow us to calm down, we wil not be able to listen to you. So, as we have explained, we will be inviting those that have written the petition one by one to come in. We will ask them, you have written this petition, speak to your petition, we will give you time, we will listen to you, we will also be taking notes.

“If we have questions to ask you, we will ask you. Please, we need calmness. We are all members of the same party. We are not here to fight ourselves. We are all here to make sure that the right thing as prescribed by the National APC Constitution and the guidelines are followed.

“We want to tell you as you are already aware that your election is coming up next year and we have to make sure that this family remains one so that we will be able to win the election.

“When you go back home, go back with this message that we are here to ensure that fairness, justice, equity is done and make sure that we are one in the same family.

” In the APC family, we are meant to have a disagreement, that is why the national level in their own wisdom said this committee was sent across the states to look into the situation of things.

“It depends on what we have on ground. If we have a lot of work to do, we will stay till we finish. This is what we are here to do and we will do it well. The national body did not give us particular days, it depends on what is on ground and the number of appeals that we have on ground.

“The appeals that we had from the national level given to us are 32.

“The aggrieved members should be calm. They should go back home assured that APC is one. The national level has delegated us to look into this petition and the national level has told us to make sure that every member is carried on board.

“If there are petitions here, we will look into them. The only thing we require is that let the petitions be in writing so that we can submit it along with our reports to the National Secretariat.

“We have said that let everybody that has petitioned to bring it today. Let them bring it and we will record it.”




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