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Aregbesola: APC Asks Justice Oloyede to Resign

The All Progressives Congress in Osun State has advised Justice Olamide Folahanmi Oloyede to do the honourable thing by first resigning her position as a judge of the high court of the state’s judiciary before ganging up with the opposition, to attempt to destroy the state government of which she is an integral part.
The party gave this advice on Sunday in initial reaction to a petition the judge had forwarded to the State House of Assembly demanding the impeachment of the governor of the state, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, and his deputy, Iya Afin Titi Laoye Tomori, over the unpaid salaries of the State workers and pensions.
According to APC, “it is a gross abuse of the privileges of her office for the judge to use the platform of the state’s judiciary to mount open and destructive challenge against the state’s Chief Executive who is her boss in government.
“The ethics‎ of her status in this government prohibits such frontal challenge’, the APC argued but conceded that ‘if the judge is determined to bring down the Aregbesola government, as her petition so clearly indicates, it will be dishonourable of her to remain in government. She is therefore advised to resign immediately so that she will be free to pursue her delight outside the platform of government,” the APC said.
“Whereas‎ the Judge, as a free citizen, has rights to express herself on matters affecting the country and her environment, but as a judge of the state high court, she is ethically and morally restrained from making pronouncements that would be prejudicial to the administration of justice,” the APC contended.
The APC also described the judge’s petition as significantly flawed because it is bogus rehearsal of all the baseless allegations made by the PDP in recent time, against the Aregbesola administration.
However, any sane and patriotic individual who read or have access to the speech of the governor himself at the inauguration of the State’s 6th House of Assembly on June 2, 2015, will have a comprehensive note as a counterpoise to the rubbish contained in Justice Oloyede’s petition.
“We know a bit of the antecedents of the honorable judge in relationship with the PDP government that Aregbesola took over from,” the APC said, “adding that, “it is probable she has not gotten over her shock as a result of that event.
“Now that the opportunity created by the tragedy facing Nigeria because of PDP’s monstrous pillage of the country’s treasury, Justice Oloyede may simply be seeking a pound of flesh from the governor, to avenge her loss of relevance as a PDP supporter.
“We make bold‎ to assert that Justice Oloyede’s petition is a ‘hate’ document laced with puerile sentiments and emotive overflow that could only come from a soul burdened with destructive hatred.”
The APC remonstrated further that any public officer at that level of responsibility and trust owes loyalty to the state’ and that if for any reason the public officer wants to take up arms against the government, he or she must quit because, ‘government is about collective responsibility.
“But now that Justice Oloyede is distancing herself from the government of the state of Osun with the kind of venom and hate language profusely used in her petition, her continued‎ stay in government is no longer tenable because she is irredeemably hateful of the person of the state governor and would never be able to dispense justice any longer in cases where the government is involved,” the party said.
“Justice Oloyede can no longer be trusted because she has betrayed trust in government and therefore has positioned herself with the opposition to destroy the very same government she serves. Her conduct is unacceptable,” the APC said.

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