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Armed Robbery: Court Sentence Man to Death 

By Tunde Oyekola, Osogbo
An Osun State High Court, Ile-Ife Division, presided by Justice AbdulRasaq AbdulKaeem, has sentenced a 38- year-old man, Jeremiah Idowu to death over armed robbery.
Idowu, who said that he was a herbalist hired Rasheed Kehinde, a motorcyclist, on May 23rd, 2005 at Toro Farm Area, Modakeke-Ife, while operating his Okada motorcycle business, to conveyed him to cut his herbal plants.
As they were going, they branched to his sister’s house, where they collected cutlass to use for cutting the the root of the trees and other herbs.
On getting to  the bush, the convict gave the victim his diary to hold for  him, and assured that he would not run away.
According to a Prosecution witness, “when they got to the bush, the accused asked him to wait for him, while he went into the bush to fetch the said herbs and that because it was already getting late, the accused person asked him  to help hm pick the herbs which he has  cut in a polythene bag.”
He further said that when he bent down to pick the herbs, the convict hit him with cutlass he was holden and asked him to bring all the money in his possession and handed the total sum  of N7, 800.
He said when the accused person demanded for the key of the motorcycle, he then took to this heels and the convict  pursued him, but was forced to retreat when he heard the noise of Doma wood cutting  machine adding that after he  had gone, he then  went back to pick his motorcycle and returned home.
The witness said that when he got home, he narrated the incident to his  parent, in which they took him to Division “A” Police Station, Moore, Ile-Ife where the case was reported.
The witness said that the convict later made confessional statement to the police after he was arrested.
Prosecuting Counsel from Osun State, ministry of Justice, Jacob Ayanyemi who tendered the confessional statement of the accused and two other witnesses also testified that Idowu robbed Kehinde on that fateful day.
Justice AbdulKareem pointed out that the prosecution Counsel has proved it’s case as all evidence including confessional statement from the convict  pointed to the fact that he committed armed robbery offence.
He said ” I therefore, found the accused person guilty of armed robbery charged preferred against him and hereby convicted accordingly.
Justice AbdulKareem hereby sentenced the convict to “death by hanging through the neck.”


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