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Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, The North And Unending Sacrifices Of The Yoruba Race (Part One)



By Olusegun Olulade

The entity called Nigeria is grossly threatened by constant assault on unwavering trust the South is giving to the North. To exist as a nation, trust is definitely needed, and giving one in this respect is not an error on the path of the South. If not honoured and respected however by the North, it only confirms silently that the amalgamation deed and ultimate independence proclamation for Nigeria are fast becoming monumental errors.

Since independence, the South West leadership had related with the North on trust, believing strongly that to succeed as a nation, we need all the trust in the balance of power. The lack of respect for the balance of power has given birth to too many crises in our socio-political and ethno-religious lives. This ugly scenario is fast consuming our commonwealth and unity as evident in the current state of the nation.

First and foremost, the betrayal meted on Chief Obafemi Awolowo came when it was obvious that Awolowo’s nationalist prowess was fast becoming legendary and uncommon, drawing him constantly to becoming the first democratically elected President of Nigeria.

Awolowo’s ascension to the pinnacle of political glory was thwarted by the kangaroo judgement that led him to Prison, all in the name of cleansing of political tension in the first republic. Awolowo did survive and made another shot at his glorious dream in the second republic but was massively rigged, leading to the closure of the best democratic and visionary leader Nigeria ever had since independence.

For those who saw the Awolowo era a bit distant, the coming 2023 election year would mark 30 years of another betrayal on the South as Chief MKO Abiola was not only rigged but was murdered by the Northern influence, wasting another genius and extraordinary asset of the South. In the case of Awolowo and Abiola, both gone without a deserving compensation but the maturity and firm believe in the unity of Nigeria by the South whither through those colossal and painful losses.

As a region, we have never lacked outstanding leadership heroes from generation to generation. The emergence of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as a new political Messiah from the South was not by accident. As a protagonist and democrat, he paved way for what we call the new Nigeria in the current republic.

As usual, he rose as regional icon to becoming a national champion, also not by accident. He did not only salvage and liberated the Yorubas from the misfortune of the cabals concentrated in the PDP who were ready to milk the nation dry, he resuscitated hope in a gentle man style, supported a Hausa Fulani man selflessly, all in the interest of peace and respect that is now fast becoming non-mutual.

With all the failed shot at Presidency by General Muhammadu Buhari, Bola Tinubu was the only man who could do the magic, yes he did; he helped Mr President actualize his most glorious dream, a honour too far to be betrayed for sheer power play.

The calculated and repeated assaults on the Yoruba race were unfortunately never successful without collaboration from our own who constantly habour rancor and bitterness against any star that outshines theirs. Pa Hubert Ogunde of blessed memory saw it all when he dropped the ‘Yoruba Ronu’ elegy for our brothers. Most unfortunate and heart breaking is the careless utterance of the factional ‘Afenifere’ group on the travail of Asiwaju from the people he trusted and supported this far.

Is the assertions of Pastor Tunde Bakare on the gang-up against Bola Tinubu fast becoming the reality? How long can we continue to jettison every good deed of our kinsman for sacrificing him for crucifixion? When is the actual time to rethink about our crab republic syndrome?

In the worst case scenario, the entire Yoruba race needs to rise up and defend what is ours. To those who think it is all about Bola Tinubu, they simply failed the intelligence test. Tinubu of today is our ripe glory. Allowing any man from any other clime in the country sink our star berates our integrity as a people respected for knowledge wisdom.

Tinubu is our flag bearer, we take nothing home if we sacrifice our icon and leader on the altar of greed and sheer envy. Must we bring down Tinubu again and sacrifice our glory to be taken by those who constantly torment our heroes.

Let everyone take the message home, the purported harassment of Tinubu with EFCC is a ploy too cheap and common, not even creative in any means. Using federal institution to checkmate individual’s political aspiration is not only ridiculous to ur established institutions but grossly unfair.

How long are we going to be parading ourselves cheap before the world, claiming we are democrats? The world sure can laugh at mediocrity, unintelligent moves, selfish politicking and lack of fair play in our polity.

If anything happens to Bola Tinubu, it automatically threatens the North/South unity. And this time around, I don’t think the North will slap us in the face for free as usual. The Yoruba race has never betrayed the North, then the North should demonstrate the fairness that could earn the region a respect, and not a brand known for perpetual cheat.

Hon Segun Olulade was a Lawmaker at the Lagos State House of Assembly and President/Founder ELENIYANCARES FOUNDATION.


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