Asiwaju Tinubu Advocates Massive Recruitment Into Military, Police, Others


    …Warns FG Against Austerity Measure

    National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu on Monday called for massive recruitment of youths into the armed forces and other para-military organizations to reduce poverty and unemployment.

    He also warned against austerity measure by the Federal Government, saying this is no time to constrain the economy.

    The APC leader spoke at the colloquium in Kano to mark his 69th birthday. The colloquium has the theme “Our Common Bond, Our Common Wealth: The Imperative Of National Cohesion For Growth and Prosperity.”

    Tinubu said the country needs more men in the police and the military, saying that the country is currently under policed.

    According to him the 33 percent unemployment rate among Nigerians was unacceptable and a danger signal.

    “We are under policed. And we are competing with armed robbers and bandits to recruit from the youths who are unemployed, 33 percent unemployed. Recruit five million into the army and other paramilitary organizations. Take away from their (bandits and robbers) recruitment source. “What they would eat like cassava, corn in the morning, yam in the afternoon is grown here. You create demand and consumption,” he said.

    Asiwaju Tinubu said there are other opportunities for job creation in the country with the potential to turn the many raw materials available across the country into finished product.

    “We can create the jobs. We must do a whole lot of things. You can get how creative Nigerian youths  are through the social media. I salute our youths. They are angry, but we will appeal to them to be patient. If care is not taken, agitation can be dangerous,” he added.

    Speaking on the economy, the two-time governor of Lagos State reiterated his earlier call on the Federal Government to put stimulus expenditure in place, noting that this is no time for austerity measure.

    “This is not the time to constrain the economy. This is the time to create the opportunity. If you hear America spending $1.9trn and they are not looking back and they are still asking for $3trn for infrastructure renewal and creating jobs and your own unemployment rate is 33 percent and you ask us to keep on fasting,  we are fasting no more.

    “The one we have fasted spiritually is voluntary. We have been fasting for many years. I hope the National Assembly and the president himself will not pay attention to austerity.

    “It’s only the state and the local government that must restrict themselves to balanced budget. Sovereignty is that of Nigeria. And it is only the Federal Government that has that sovereign power and must use it for the benefit, development, health and quality of life of Nigerians,” he said.

    Tinubu also spoke on why the colloquium was hosted in Kano. According to him, it was to demonstrate that Nigerians are still united and must continue to live in peace and harmony.

    He said: “Why are we in Kano. It is to demonstrate to Nigerians at this critical time… It is because; there is a Fulani man, a herder man, who gave his daughter to a Yoruba man, a farmer. That Fulani, that Yoruba and some people who are agitating wrongly ….I said if a colleague can encourage and support me to go and spend a couple of days with my brother and in-law in Kano and demonstrate that he has not quarreled with me, has not seceded from Nigeria, I didn’t need a passport or a visa to get to Kano, so, may be, others will have peace or conscience and live in peace and harmony and be loving to one another.

    “That is what Ganduje (Governor Umar Ganduje of Kano State) and I are representing to show to Nigerians and that is the purpose of today’s colloquium,” he said.

    He praised the organisers for doing a good job without knowing the “political sagacity” involved.

    Tinubu particularly praised Governor Ganduje for his hard work in the success of the colloquium.






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