Asiwaju Tinubu Warns Against Sabotage Of ‘Jagaba Rice’


    The All Progressives Congress (APC) National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has warned those carrying out humanitarian work in his name to be wary of wicked people who may want to undermine and destroy their efforts.

    He also warned the recipients of such gesture to only collect gifts from the people they know and trust.

    In a statement on Sunday evening issued by Tinubu’s Media Office, signed by Tunde Rahman, the APC leader said the warning became inevitable because some elements may want to undermine the groups responsible for such humanitarian efforts.

    It would be recalled that some groups have been distributing bags of rice tagged “Jagaba Rice” in the north, with Tinubu’s picture embedded on the.

    The statement said: “While lauding the efforts of these volunteer groups, Asiwaju, however, urges them to be careful.

    “Sadly, just as we have true humanitarians among us, our society also has many who hate others and who would try to wreck the noble humanitarian efforts of others.

    “Thus, those who are distributing rice and other things to people in need, whether or not with bags bearing Asiwaju’s likeness or not, we urge you to please make sure you get the items from trusted and reliable suppliers. Do not allow hate-filled people to turn your efforts against you.

    “Likewise, those who are receiving the rice and other items being distributed should only take such things from people you know and trust. You must verify the source and the content of what is being distributed.

    “That we have to issue such a warning is sad. It is necessary because we fear some malevolent elements may try to undermine and destroy these noble efforts because of their political opposition to Asiwaju or simply because they have no love for their fellow man.

    “Asiwaju says to such people that they have every right to oppose or dislike him. He defends their right to do so. However, they have no right to undermine humanitarian efforts providing needed food to the poor or otherwise victimize them.

    “If these actors want to fight Asiwaju, so be it. But they should have the minimal decency to leave poor people alone and not to disturb or disrupt attempts to alleviate the hardships of the hungry and struggling among us.”

    The statement reiterated that Asiwaju Tinubu has no business with the humanitarian efforts, recalling that this had been made known before.

    “On April 15, we issued a statement concerning rice distribution in parts of the North. The bags of rice being handed out bear Asiwaju Bola Tinubu’s picture on them.

    “As we conveyed in that earlier statement, Asiwaju Tinubu has never been one to take personal credit for the humanitarian work of others. Nor will he do so in this instance. These good efforts are the labour of compassion by others.

    “However, Asiwaju is gratified that those who support him also have this abiding concern for the welfare of those in need.

    “That this exercise of compassion and help is occurring during the Holy month of Ramadan makes it that much more gratifying.

    “Thus, he commends the efforts of the various volunteer groups responsible for this benign act of charity and love for one another,” the statement added.


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