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Gov. Sanwo-Olu: Any Attempt to Bring Back Gridlock on Apapa Corridor Will be Resisted

  • Threatens to publish names of uncooperative stakeholders

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has sent a stern warning to individuals and maritime operators that may want to reverse the progress being recorded along the Apapa corridor.

The State Government will resist any attempt from any quarters to bring back the problem, Sanwo-Olu vowed.

The governor said the Electronic Call-Up System launched last Saturday in the Apapa seaports was designed to permanently address the movement of trailers in and out of the ports, and bring about traffic improvement along the corridor.

Sanwo-Olu shared details of how his administration solved the problem in partnership with the Nigerian Port Authority (NPA) and other stakeholders in the maritime sector.

He spoke on Wednesday when he formally handed over the newly- improved three traffic-prone junctions along the Lekki-Epe Expressway.

The governor described the progress recorded in Apapa as “hard-won”, disclosing that it took the government more than a year to gather all stakeholders on the discussion table to agree on a far-reaching approach to permanently address the problem.

He said: “What we are seeing is the beginning of the lasting solution we have brought to Apapa. Our appeal is that we are not out of the problem completely yet. Our citizens can now see that a journey that took them three hours can, indeed, take between 15 and 20 minutes to commute. Everyone can now see that when we work together, indeed we can solve our problems internally.

“We have taken some troublesome people that are benefiting from the gridlock out of the way. Whatever they were earning illegally has been taken away from them. We know they will want to make an attempt to fight back. We will not stop at anything to ensure that anybody that tries to retract the progress or wants to take us back to gridlock in Apapa will be fought against. We will bring out their names and shame them.”

Sanwo-Olu vowed that any corporate organisation, security operative, NPA or State Government official who may attempt to circumvent the newly instituted traffic procedures around the Apapa seaports would be named and shamed publicly.

The Governor said the State was serious about bringing lasting solution to the Apapa congestion, stressing that the Government could no longer condone careless attitude of truckers clogging the highways with heavy-duty vehicles.

He said part of the State’s efforts was to approach the Federal Government for the unbundling of the inefficient Presidential Taskforce on Apapa gridlock and took over the traffic management in the area. Sanwo-Olu added that State Government also met with stakeholders, including Federal Ministry of Transportation, Maritime operators, and seaports unions.”


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