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Awujale Behind Proposed Obas’ Bill – Remo Traditional Council Alleges

L-R:- Apena Latawa, Chief Johnson Olaseni, Oluwo Ipara, High Chief Michael Shorinola, Oluwo Iperu, High Chief Ifashola Opeolu and Chief Opeoluwa Olajimi, Oluwo Odelemo, at the communiqué briefing of The Osugbo Remo in Council and Other Traditional Worshippers, on the illegality of the proposed Bill, No. H. B. No.036/OG/2020. Titled; Ogun State Traditional Rulers (Installation and Burial Rites), held at Sagamu, Ogun State.

The Osugbo Remo in Council and Traditional Worshippers has warned the Ogun state House of Assembly not to pass the proposed Bill, No. H. B. No. 036/OG/2020, titled “Ogun State Traditional Rulers (Installation And Burial Rites), being sponsored by Hon. Balogun Akeem Agbolade.

This was contained in a Communiqué issued at the end of their deliberation on the Proposed Bill which has passed second reading at the floor of the state House of Assembly, made available to newsmen.

According to the Secretary of the Council, High Chief Johnson Olaseni Adeokun, alleged that major attempt of the bill, was to hatch the intention of HRM. Oba Sikiru Adetona, the Awujale Of Ijebu land to eradicate the Yoruba culture in view of his strange Islamic believe and to introduce another strange into Obaship institutions in Yoruba land.

He said the traditional institution was headed by the Osugbo and responsible for the installation and the burial of the demise king, noting that all agitators of the strange doctrine and the sponsor of the bill that Obas in the state should be buried according to their religious believes is null and void.

“Even the Nigerian constitution, according to Section 10 of the 1999 amended constitution, entrenched everybody the right to practice the religion of his or her own choice without any interference with other people’s believe and any religion doctrine.” Adeokun said

He added that the proposed Bill which empowering the Muslims and the Christians to perform the burial right of an Oba would constitute an infringement on the rights of the traditional worshippers and promote war, chaos and pandemonium.

“Obaship institution is contain under the traditional institution, as such, anybody who voluntarily gives himself out or permit or volunteer himself to be crowned and installed as a king under the Yoruba culture and or Yoruba traditional institution, will immediately attain the position of ALASE EKEJI ORISA.

“Having agreed, accepted and concurred to fall in line and abide with rules, regulations, doctrines and practices of such tradition, of course, such person can not be heard to be complaining thereafter, especially after such person had completely enjoyed the water in the jug, just like the Awujale and other Obas in Ogun state are doing.” Adeokun said

He alleged that Awujale of Ijebu Land, Oba Sikiru Adetona had attempted twice, in March 1997 and in March, 2005 to smuggle the bill into the state House of Assembly for consideration but failed and ignored by the majority of the past Assembly, now rare its ugly head and initiated by another member of the House for deliberation.

He urged the lawmakers to prevent themselves from being used as rubber stamps, to immediately throw out the bill, adding that if the bill was passed would serve as a serious infringement on the rights of all traditional Worshippers and the Yoruba traditions as well.

He said that no member of the Osugbo institution or traditional organization that was feeding on human flesh or human blood and denied the allegations and insinuations of the Obas in the traditional burial of the demise kings, as no Oba/King ever  witnessed how a demise Oba was being buried, urging the general public and the House of Assembly to discountenance such rumors from any Kings and regards same unholy.

He said Obaship institution was a traditional institution for Traditional Believers, noting that all the Obas voluntarily joined the traditional institution and willfully surrendered themselves to such tradition before and after installation.

He added that any attempt by the Obas and the Ogun state House of Assembly to direct the Muslims or Christians to bury the corpse of Traditional Ruler or demise Oba under the traditional institution would lead to chaos, pandemonium and state of anarchy.



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