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Aydinlar Education Limited: Study Abroad Opportunities


Studying abroad has a lot of procedures a student needs to go through and conditionalities to fulfil.  A would-be foreign student needs to secure acceptance, gets VISA and has to comply with many regulations of the host country. Luckily for Nigerians, there is a Turkish educational agency based in Abuja that handles all these – Aydinlar Education Consulting Company. The company has been sending students to Turkey for more than 10 years now writes OLUMIDE BAJULAIYE…

Aydinlar Education Limited is an educational consulting agency operating in Nigeria and providing students with opportunities to study in Turkey and other foreign countries. The object is to create a platform where students, corporate and government organizations will empower themselves by exposing them to the best training in the field of education abroad. Undergraduate, Post-graduate, and PhD courses are on offer and are easily procured by the agency. “We provide professional training in education such as Teachers Training, Certificate Programs, Career Counseling Workshops, Seminars, Lectures, etc. with the collaboration of reputable universities across the world,” the Managing Director of Aydinlar Education Limited, Mr. Emin Godek, said.

Aydinlar Educational Limited have a pact with some state governments in the area of provision of educational training and placement for students and enhancing state workers’ capacity in educational matters. The consulting firm, within the period of its existence in Nigeria, has recorded remarkable achievements. “This could be seen in the number of students who through our help are studying their desired courses at universities of their choice. The success story of our organization is as a result of the relationship we have with chains of world class universities and colleges around the world especially in Turkey, UK, USA, Canada, Dubai, Poland and most Asian countries”.

According to Godek, Turkey is the new favourite destination for international students. By UNESCO’s statistics, more than 3 million students each year choose to study in other countries. Since the ancient times, people have always pursued higher education, regardless of where they can find it. Turkey is the new shining star for prospective students, with its quality education, affordable living expense, its ever-growing economy, fantastic geographical location and most of all, its awesome habitat is the best destination when it comes to studying abroad.

Speaking with WESTERN POST, Godek said what distinguishes the educational consult from other agency is that they take good care of their students. “When I send students to Turkey, I assist them for admission, assist them for Visa procurement. I assign somebody to accompany them. This person will stay in Turkey with the students to help them with the registration, find accommodation and communicate with Ministry of Education to get resident permits.

800 to 1,000 Nigerian Students Have Gained Admission through Aydinlar

“As I am talking to you now, I have up 800 to 1,000 Nigerian students who gained admission through our company. And I have up to 200 graduates who just came back. We have been doing this since 2006. I have four to five staff in Turkey who follows the well-being of these students. If they have health challenges, they take them to hospital. Sometimes if they have financial problems, we help them and their parents will refund it to us in our office. We also organize parent’s visits to Turkey to see the university environment, see how the students are doing and see our office in Turkey,” Godek added.

Turkey is one of the few European countries, which is safe and affordable for many students. Many Nigerian students stay in dormitories, which exist since the Ottoman times for foreign students. “Dorms at reasonable rates are everywhere in Turkey, from Istanbul to Izmir to Ankara to Kayseri and Gaziantep. Almost all Turkish dorms are comfortably built with 24/7 electricity, internet, hot water and many more amenities. Turkish campuses and cities also enjoy high security where a Nigerian can feel safe to do whatever he or she wants 24/7 under the law”.

Turkey’s Economy

Turkey’s economy grows on an average of 5% in the last 15 years. Turkish bid for EU also gives a chance to its international students to take benefit from ERASMUS (European Study/Exchange Program). Turkish companies who want to expand further give chance to international students through internships. “Also, it should be noted that this growth is second to none in the whole world and it means a very good job market for fresh graduates. “Nigerians, with native English speaking abilities, who are educated in Turkish universities and understand the Turkish culture, are very important for Turkish companies that focus on export-import business,” he added.

For international trade, Turkey lies in a geographical place where Asia meets Europe and Africa is just at the next door. Turkey lies in the central part of world civilization and it is home to many historical places as well as churches and mosques. Tourists visit Turkey more than many other countries. Over 35 million people come to Turkey each year to live during the four seasons. “These benefits would not have been realized if the Turkish people were not so welcoming. Throughout history, Turkish people on the West meet with Europeans and in the East with Iranians and Russians and South with Arabs and other Africans.

“Hence an average Turk has a lot of knowledge about the “others” and the required tolerance when it comes to doing things differently and is very gentle towards foreigners. Turkish people are usually very warm people who can offer you a cup of tea just after 10 minutes of chatting. Also, during the last decades many international students have been studying in Turkey hence the government officials and many local people also know the problems international student face and always act like their second parents to solve them.

“With our vast experience, Nigerian parents will not only safely send their kids to Turkey but also monitor their academic progress. Monitoring of the students’ performance is very vital in the overall success of the students as many students may fail due to unforeseen circumstances or may have challenges with no immediate help close by. Aydinlar Educational Consulting Company helps students through their office in Istanbul and gives parents a peace of mind in Nigeria. Finding trustworthy hands in another country is like another blessing from God for parents”

‘My Target is to Get Quality Students Who’ll Be Bridge Between Turkey, Nigeria’

Godek said: “Every year the number of students who gain admission to Turkish University increases. I started with eight to nine students. Now we have between 250 to 300 students a year. My plan is to increase to one thousand students a year. But, we are not just looking for one thousand students who will go to Turkey and become street hawkers. Like in some countries, they don’t want to hear the name Nigerian students. For example Cyprus, there are thousands of foreign students in some university faculty of which 50 percent are from Nigeria. It sounds unbelievable, when you go to Malaysia, it’s the same problem there. If you communicate with any association in those countries they don’t like Nigerians. Why? Unfortunately there are good students and at the same time bad students.

“They are not representing Nigeria very well there. When students gain admission, we invite them for interview with their parents. Also, the Embassy assists in interviewing them very well because if any of my students have problems in Turkey, they will communicate with me here in Nigeria. Some of the students engage in drugs and other social vices, but we believe Nigeria deserves more than this. We have very successful students here in Nigeria. My target is to reach them. My target is not to increase the number of students; my target is to get quality students who are going to be a bridge between Turkey and Nigeria.

“This is my 14th year in Nigeria, when I see any student who takes drug once I look at his eyes I know. So we try as much as possible to make sure we don’t admit bad students. You know Nigerians are the most widely travelled all over the world. Anywhere you go you find Nigerians there. If one of two Nigerians get into trouble, that spoils the country’s reputation”.

Many parents who patronize Aydinlar do so because of the exemplary service they render. The company has also started summer school this year to Turkey, USA, UK and France. Aydinlar is also a representative of French University. The MOU was signed early this year. Aydinlar has offices in US, UK and Dubai among others.


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