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Ayo Adebanjo: Yoruba being Misled


By Samuel Ogundipe

Afenifere chieftain, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, has said the Yoruba race is being misled at present by those he called selfish individuals.

He also said the postponement of the 2015 general election is understandable, giving the circumstances under which the call was made.

Speaking in a telephone interview with the WESTERN POST, the elderstatesman said those who are angry about the postponement are doing so because of a further financial burden they will incur.

“The circumstances on the ground warranted that INEC should postpone the elections, because Nigerians need more time to obtain their voting credentials,” he said.

“Those who are making a mountain out of a molehill are only doing so because they would need to deep further into their pockets for more campaign money which they’re already running out of.”

He also said that the Yoruba leaders are backing President Jonathan because he’s a better choice than his challenger, former Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari.

“The Yoruba know that they’re being misled by selfish individuals who’re reaping the benefits of all we’ve done to advance Yoruba agenda in the country. They should be ignored. We are not members of the PDP, but we endorsed Jonathan because we know he’s better for the Yoruba people.

“Our people know that we will not deceive them. Buhari will be a disaster for the Yoruba people and they must not make the mistake of electing him to power.”

He added that the recently-concluded national confab would help the country as a whole because it will balance all equations.

“Our primary reason for asking the Yoruba to vote for Jonathan and not allow themselves to be misled is the national conference, which he’d repeatedly promised to implement during his second term. The confab will balance the equation of the country. Corruption and everything else have been holistically addressed.”

Meanwhile, following the postponement of the February 14 and 28 federal and state elections to March 28 and April 11 respectively, some gubernatorial candidates have suspended the ir campaigns in order to save money.

For the candidates, the postponement of the elections had meant more money to print posters and handbills, do radio, television and newspaper adverts and commence another round of campaigns.

One candidate on the platform of one of the political parties contesting the poll in Lagos State specifically said he was shutting down his campiagns for two weeks because of the shift.

Some other candidates said they would scale down campaign activities for some time until close to the election again.

Before the announcement of the shift in the polls, some of the candidates across the South-west had complained they were getting broke because of the huge expenses involved in their nomination processes and in settling delegates and party officials.


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