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Bank Customers Rush to Beat BVN Deadline

It is no more news that today is the deadline giving to Banks by the Federal Government to pontificate the account of Bank customers who up till now refused to link their accounts with Bank Verification Number (BVN).
It was a big rush at some banks yesterday when customers besiege banks to adhere to the FG instructions. Some of these banks have to deploy emergency staff to make the registration easy for customers.
It was also known that some banks had earlier sent notify their customers in order to beat the deadline of FG,  but, some refused to comply.
It would be recalled that more than 20 million accounts in banks were not linked with BVN. All the accounts are either dormant or abandoned by some customers because of the huge amount involved which cannot be accounted for.
The Federal Government said the total money in banks that were not linked with any BVN is close to 6 billion Naira which most of it were either stolen, embezzled or drug money.
However, genuine bank customers who does not believe in keeping money in the banks because of the problems they encountered in the banking hall are now appealing to the FG to extend the date for them so as to go and do the BVN registration.
At the end of business today if the government refused to extend the date, 6.5 billion naira will be pontificate according to the records of the banks and FG.

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