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Bose, Wife of late Strongman of Ibadan Politics Adedibu, Visits Atiku in Abuja



Chief Lamidi Adedibu, the late strongman of Ibadan politics, was a force to reckon with not only in the politics of Oyo State but also in national politics. When he held sway, whoever had his support in Oyo was sure of winning the state.

During the primary election of the defunct Social Democratic Party (SDP) around 1992, former Second-in-Command in the military regime of President Olusegun Obasanjo, late Major-General Shehu Musa Yar’Adua, defeated late Chief Layi Balogun, a son of the soil, in his Oyo State.

And when Yar’Adua was challenged to a popularity test on the streets of Ibadan, he asked those who challenged him including Lai Balogun to stage that walk with late Chief Adedibu.

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has since inherited the political machinery of the late Yar’Adua. Both Atiku and Adedibu were in the same Peoples Democratic Movement, the political outfit founded by the late Yar’Adua.

One cannot readily say Alhaja Bose inherited her husband political machinery. But it was no surprise that the wife of late Chief Adedibu, Alhaja Bose, on Wednesday visited the former Vice President in his office in Abuja, meaning there was a relationship between her late husband and Atiku.

Details of what both Atiku and Adebidu’s wife discussed were not known last night.


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