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Buhari Not a Killer of Christians, APC Urges Trump to Ignore Fani-Kayode


The All Progressives Congress (APC), Youths Renaissance has advised US President, Donald Trump to ignore accusations that President Muhammadu Buhari is a killer of Christians.

A statement by Collins Edwin, APC Youths Renaissance criticised the reaction of former Aviation Minisiter, Femi Fani-Kayode, to the phone conversation between Buhari and Trump.

APC said his allegation that President Buhari is a ‘killer of christians’ and supporter of herdmen which he called ‘Fulani-Terrorists’ was unfortunate.

“We are using this medium to tell President Trump and the world that President Buhari is neither a killer of christians nor supporter of herdsmen, but a lover of christians and muslims alike,” the statement reads.

“He is as defender of all Nigerians and their territory as seen in the decimation of Boko Haram terrorists and the rescuing of 24 Chibok girls which President Trump testified during their phone conversation.

“It is however incongruous that while Nigerians are looking up to new level of bilateral relationships between Nigeria and the United States under President Trump, inglorious elements like Fani-Kayode are busy fanning their familiar embers of discord and acrimony.

“If we may ask, when did Fani-Kayode started recognising his Christian beliefs and has suddenly become a midnight christian activist when his alleged financial scams on whose account he is being tried in our courts have denied millions of Christians their daily breads and access to better life?

“To Fani-Kayode and other leeches who allegedly plundered our patrimonial wealths but are busy trying to create escape routes by whipping up religious and ethnic sentiments so that the country would be enmeshed in crisis, we say to them sorry, because Nigerians cannot be hoodwinked.”


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