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Buhari Now “Mr. Go Slow And Steady”


So President Muhammadu Buhari has heard too that he is called Baba Go Slow. So he has heard that he is being likened to late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua in his seeming slow approach to governance, to taking critical decisions. But he seems to have woken up from the seeming slumber with a number of key appointments he made two weeks ago and the flurry of activities by the EFCC, which seems to have read his body language. But the nation is still waiting for President Buhari over the appointment of ministers. Earlier in the week in the United States, the president indicated that he will name his cabinet in September.  But Buhari has now said he will going slowly but steadily.

Speaking in Washington, United States, on Tuesday during his four-day’s visit to that country, Buhari said contrary to critics who have nicknamed him ” Baba Go Slow,” he prefers to be ” go slow and steady.” He said the question of when he would name his cabinet has been chasing him around the world. But going down memory lane, he said not even the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) during all the years it ruled the country formed a cabinet within the first four months. “I am going to go slow and steady,” he assured and called for patience to allow the new administration “put some sense into governance and deal with corruption.”


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