Home News Buhari Praises Nigerian Workers On May Day

Buhari Praises Nigerian Workers On May Day

Buhari Praises Workers On May Day
Muhammadu Buhari

A May Day message by the President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari. On 1st of May, Buhari sent a message to workers in Nigeria praising them for what he termed the ”sacrifices of the Nigerian working class” in the face of economic tough times in their everyday struggle to survive.

He also assured workers in the country that his administration would focus on boosting morale in order to increase productivity and income.

The President-elect also lamented the hardship suffered by workers in the country which he said had been worsened by years of poor governance and corruption.

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Buhari also expressed sadness at the irony of Nigeria’s oil wealth, characterized with rising poverty while a few corrupt officials were making themselves very rich at the expense of people’s wealth.

Today, May 1, 2015, is Workers’ Day also referred to as (May Day) an event which is celebrated around the world every year. It’s a day workers don’t go to work.


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