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Buhari’s Beyond PDP’s Insults


General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) was selected by APC national convention because of his qualities. He is a man of principle and commitment to the nation. His overriding concern is the wellbeing of Nigeria.

A man of such principle and leadership presence cannot ever be a puppet. Those who claim he is a puppet do grave insult to an outstanding patriot and millions of Nigerians who support him.

PDP would do better if they spent their time trying to fix their rickety ship after such dismal primaries than to cast stones at the APC’s more democratic and genuine process. They speak in this manner because they are afraid the APC will confront them with a ticket they cannot beat by fair means. We will do our own internal consultations and arrive at a ticket we believe is best suited to govern Nigeria. If they are so interested in who we pick they are free to quit their bankrupt party and join the party that offers the best hope for this nation and its future.


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