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Buhari’s Victory Shows Nigerians Determined to Move Forward, Says BMO


The Buhari Media Organization has said that the victory of President Muhammadu Buhari in the just concluded Presidential elections was a clear sign that Nigerians were determined to take their destinies in their hands and work for a truly progressive advancement of the nation.

Chairman of the group, Niyi Akinsiju told The Nation that the victory is also a further assertion that Nigerians believe in the programmes and philosophy of the government.

He said “President Buhari’s victory is evidenced of the determination of Nigerians to take their destinies in their hands and spawn a truly progressive advancement in value-driven governance and elevation of the nation’s development trajectory to new heights as led by President Buhari since 2015.

“President Buhari’s victory is a further assertion of Nigerians confidence in the programmes and underlying philosophy of the government which is pivoted on respect and care for the common Nigerian.

“We are especially thankful to President Buhari for inspiring a new template in the political firmament of our country; now, in breaking with our historical vulture tradition, we are witnessed to the fact that a government should not abuse the privileges of State to secure power; we also now know that government can continue to deliver on governance in an election year.

“We thank Nigerians for seeing and appreciating the distinct ennobling characters that constitute the Buhari personage, it truly takes a discerning people to acknowledge this especially given the rambunctious and deliberate obfuscation of issues dressed in vicious propaganda by opposition figures during the electioneering campaigns. This, indeed, is a victory for Nigerians”.


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