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Where is the So-called Ministerial List?


A supposed ministerial list containing the names of six would-be ministers including Senator Musiliu Obanikoro from Lagos State and Mr. Kenneth Kobani from Rivers made the rounds last week. It rocked the town so much that not a few believed the existence of the list. But many were wondering while President Jonathan would be mauling appointment of new ministers at this critical time with the state of the economy and the tumbling revenue of the government following the drastic fall in oil prices. The Senate has given a lie to the list though, saying it does not have any such list. By the way, the Senators are on recess.

Many contend, however, that there is indeed a ministerial list, which may have been sent to the State Security Service for the usual security screening. But the list, if indeed it exists, is more political than anything else. Why? Some ministrerial positions are yet to be filled while some areas, particularly the South-west, are compaining they have been marginalised in Abuja. Besides, former Minister of State for Defence, Senator Obanikoro, who was persuaded to withdraw his case against PDP controversial governorship primaries in Lagos State and support the party’s candidate Chief Jimi Agbaje, needs to be placated to continue backing Agbaje in the race. In achieving a truce between him and Agbaje and in extracting a commitment from him to back Agbaje, he was promised his ministerial position would be restored. So on the eve of a crucial presidential poll, Obanikoro needs to be assured, the state needs to be pacified, the South-west needs to be given an impression their complaint of marginalisation is being addressed. Or how else do you see the new ministerial list at this Eleventh Hour?


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