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Calm Down! Abducted Suicide Bomber Not One of Chibok Girls- Cameroonian Authorities


Investigations by Cameroonian authorities on the identity of a would-be suicide bomber arrested in Cameroon last week has shown that she is not one of the 219 abducted Chibok schoolgirls.

Cameroonian authorities released the identities of the self-confessed bomber, Aissatou Musa, and her accomplice, Mamma Sali, to Nigerian security agencies and a delegation sent to Yaoundé by the Federal Government.

The Cameroonian authorities, after debriefing and profiling the two girls, disclosed their findings to the Nigerian security agencies and the delegation to Yaoundé, adding that the two girls have no Western education.

“Available information as regards the acclaimed Chibok girl indicated as follows: Aissatou Musa, who claimed to be one of the Chibok girls, is the daughter of Musa Bladi and Fanta (mother) of Mandara ethnic group,” the authorities declared.

“The second girl is Mamma Sali. She is the daughter of Sali Chetima and Hajiya Bintou of Kanuri tribe.”

“Both hailed from Bama and speak in Mandara, Hausa and Kanuri. They have never been to Western school, except Koranic schools. They have no relationship with the 219 Chibok girls.”

Cameroonian health authorities had begun treatment on the arrested suicide bomber who claimed to be one of the 219 missing Chibok Girls found to be heavily drugged and bore several injuries on her body.

The girl’s health condition delayed her movement to the far north regional capital of Cameroon, Maroua, as earlier planned.

Nigerian authorities promptly decided to forward the pictures of the suspected bomber to the Murtala Mohammed Foundation for verification by interested Chibok community stakeholders and sent a delegation to Cameroon.

Pictures of the arrested suspected girls indicate that the confessed Chibok girl was likely a minor, between ages nine to 12 years while her accomplice was about 30 years or more.

The Nigerian delegation to ascertain the identity of the would-be suicide bomber was led by Minister of Women Affairs, Hajiya Aisha Jumai.


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