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Carry Out Thorough Investigation on June 12 Annulment – Legal Practitioner Tells Buhari 


By Wale Ibrahim, Lokoja

As mixed reactions have continued to trail the  actualization of June Mandate by President Muhammadu Buhari, a call has been made to carry out thorough investigation as to why the election which was adjourned free and fear was annulled.

A Lokoja based legal practitioner, Mr J. U. Usman who is the guest speaker made this while speaking at commemoration of Democracy day in Kogi State on Tuesday at NUJ Secretariat in Lokoja.

Usman who dwelt on the aspect of legal implication stated that politically President Muhammadu Buhari action was right and legally wrong.

He noted that the president should have gone through the National Assembly before making a proclamation of de-annulment the June 12 presidential election.

He explained further that this was beyond Abiola and his family alone, stressing that many other people lost the I lives in the June 12 struggle but yet to be recognized by the President.

The legal practitioner was of opinion that there should have been a legal framework to recognize June 12 election .

He also aligned with Retired Justice Babatunde Belgore who argued that the posthumous award was not in tune with extant law, adding that GCFR is meant for living and not for dead ones.

The Director General Bureau of Information and Grassroot Mobilization, Honourable  Abdulmalik Abdulkareem commended President Mohammadu Buhari for recognizing the June 12 and some of actors in the struggle.

Abdul Kareem pointed out that President Muhamadu Buhari has made history whether rightly or wrongly, stressing that those who participated in annulment came to be the beneficiaries of the hard earn democracy.

The Director General commended the organizer the Nigeria Union of Journalists for the august occasion.

He stressed that whoever that does not see any sense in what Mr  President has done is entitle to his opinion.

“Abiola came into politics and changed  face of politics .Abiola deserves to be celebrated .It was in the same struggle that he lost his beautiful wife late Kudirat Abiola”, he stated.

He opined that  June 12 election would have put an end to the ethno religious  and other socio-political crises in the Country by now.

“Those who did not support  June 12 struggle become the beneficiaries of the struggle. Luckily today we have people like President Muhammadu Buhari as leader”, he said.

He recalled that Journalists were not left out in the struggle as many lost their lives and jobs during the period.

The Former General Manager Kogi Radio Corporation Mr Adiku Adava recalled how the news of annulment of June 12 election shocked the nation.

Adava added that whatever reason, the President must be given benefit of doubt, noting that a decision has been taken  it is irrelevant whether it is right or wrong.

He lamented that the politician is drawing the wheel of progress of this nation backward for their selfish reasons.


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