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Christian Pilgrimage: Lagos Begins Sale Of Forms In Instalment


The Lagos State Christian Pilgrims Welfare Board on Monday commenced the sale of forms to intending pilgrims willing to travel to Jerusalem, Rome and Greece for either the March/April or the October 2017 pilgrimage.

According to the Commissioner for Home Affairs in Lagos State, Abdulakeem Abdulateef, the purchase of forms to the holy land could be done in instalments, and was open to Muslims who were interested as well.

“The sale of the forms to Jerusalem, Rome and Greece are at present on sale. The forms can be acquired by making payments in instalments. Intending pilgrims can pay twice, thrice or four times, as the case may be.

“The trip to Israel will cost N580,000 while a combined trip to Jerusalem, Rome and Greece will cost N720,000. Further enquiries and clarifications can be obtained at the Board office.” he said.

The Commissioner said governments basically should exist only to enhance the welfare of the people and not endanger it. He said Lagos is a place where meritocracy and not nepotism is the order of the day.

Abdulateef said the religious tolerance enjoyed in the State, despite the huge population has been the sole reason for the peaceful coexistence between Christians and Muslims.

He added that screening for intending pilgrims will be thorough so as to avoid defection of would-be pilgrims. He said governor Ambode had approved a partnership with religious leaders who were able to mobilise at least 50 of their members for the trip.

He said such a leader would coordinate his members on the trip and get a free slot as commission. He concluded by saying this does not in any way negate the government’s policy of no sponsorship but rather, a trend in modern marketing.


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