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Cloud Therapy NG Set To Transform Mental Health Space in Nigeria


Cloud Therapy NG has restated its commitment to transform the mental health space in Nigeria by making therapy easily accessible to the average population.

The organization said it is ready to provide necessary support to persons battling anxiety, addiction, trauma, depression, grief and other mental health-related issues through effective psychotherapy and counselling sessions.

A WHO-AIMS report published in 2006 revealed that about 20 million Nigerians suffer from mental health issues.

With the dwindling state of the economy and the COVID-19 pandemic, this number
is said to have risen to about 50 million as it is speculated that one in four Nigerians
struggle with mental health issues.

More shocking than these figures is that many people
struggling with mental health issues in Nigeria do not even recognize it and, even if they do, end up not seeking professional assistance.

The economic landscape coupled with the Corona Virus pandemic has shed light on how useful mental health services are.

Counselling options provided by Cloud Therapy NG are one-to-one counselling sessions done online, group counselling sessions, telephone counselling sessions, instant webchat counselling sessions and counselling by emails.

Founder of Cloud Therapy NG, F.D Aroyewun, said: “Common denominators related to mental health issues are major life changes, the occurrence of unfamiliar activities in everyday life and the overwhelming weight of life’s happenings.

“As such, Cloud Therapy NG focuses on helping people dissect the changes they are experiencing and walk them through a process of understanding their emotions and reactions, serving as a partner through the healing and selfdiscovery journeys of clients and providing a reassuring voice to clients with the echo You are not alone.”

Aroyewun also noted that counsellors at Cloud Therapy NG are fully licensed, trained,
experienced and accredited psychologists, marriage and family therapists, social workers, or licensed professional counsellors (LPC).


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