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CNN Man, Anderson Cooper, Undergoes Appendicitis Surgery


Fear not, Anderson Cooper lives on to arouse and deliver the news another day.

After he was mysteriously M.I.A. from his CNN show, Anderson Cooper 360, Monday night, Cooper tweeted that a bout of appendicitis was responsible for his absence.

The silver fox says he had to be rushed to the hospital to have the infected appendix removed Sunday and will be back on the air Tuesday night.

He did not say whether or not Dr. Sanjay Gupta performed the surgery.

During Monday night’s show, CNN anchor John Berman filled in at the desk for Cooper, but gave no explanation for the absence.

Appendicitis is a relatively common condition, but can be life-threatening if left untreated.

After a surgery to remove the infected vestigial organ, recovery time for an appendectomy is typically relatively short.

Seeing as Cooper’s been shot at, threatened, and faced any number of natural disasters, a minor surgery should be nothing for him.

Source: Yahoo Mail


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