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Contrary To What People Say, I am a Complete Gentleman -Sunday Igboho


Chief Sunday Adeyemo a.k.a Sunday Igboho is one man who is popular in the politics of South West. To those who claim to know him, the name, Sunday Igboho evokes fear and horror, the image of a man allegedly with mystical powers. However, many unquestionably know him as the die-hard loyalist of former governor of Oyo State Senator Rashidi Ladoja. In this exclusive interview with WESTERN POST’s ADEOLA OLADELE, he spoke on the controversy surrounding his public image, his relationship with Governor Abiola Ajimobi, late Chief Lamidi Adedibu, President Goodluck Jonathan among other issues. Excerpts:

The name Sunday Igboho has brought about so many controversies in recent time. What would you say is responsible for this?

The main reason why my name has brought about controversy is because of my love and loyalty to Senator Ladoja. Also other reason why my name brings controversy is because I opposed the Late Alhaji Lamidi Adedibu when he and Obasanjo wanted to impeach Senator Ladoja then. The main reason why I am supporting Senator Ladoja is because of his love for the masses. It was Late Adedibu that introduced me to him (Ladoja), but I discovered that Senator Ladoja is a man that has all what it takes to be a good leader. Since the demise of Alhaji Lamidi Adedibu and the exit of former governor Alao Akala, I have been keeping a low profile. I am a successful business man and a strong loyalist of Senator Ladoja.

Being a strong loyalist of Senator Ladoja, you must have encountered so many things; can you share your experience with us?

When Former President Olusegun Obasanjo and the Late Adedibu wanted to impeach Senator Ladoja they planned a coup against me and I was arrested by the police. I was taken to Federal (SARS) in Abuja. Even my younger brother was killed during this period. He came to collect his tuition fee from me when ‘Auxiliary’ and his gang came to attack me. The boy was killed by this people and I reported the case to the then Commissioner of Police but nothing was done. It was Jonathan Johnson that was the Commissioner of Police then. He was Baba Adedibu’s rubberstamp then. He did not make a single arrest over that case then. I have faced a lot for being a loyalist of Senator Ladoja. I cannot leave Senator Ladoja because he is my mentor. He is a man of peace and honesty. I am a free man that anybody can associate with. I am a promoter of peace in Oyo State.

How would you compare the Governor Abiola Ajimobi led-administration in Oyo State with previous governments?

To be sincere with ourselves, you cannot compare the present administration in the state to that of Akala. Governor Abiola Ajimobi performed well and thank God in the last four years peace has reigned in the state. Governor Akala believes so much in thuggery and violence. We just have to thank God for the peace that the state is witnessing now.

You were among the people that were drumming support for President Goodluck Johnathan in the South West, now that he lost to General Buhari in this last Presidential election, how did you feel?

Well, let me tell you that I have known President Goodluck Jonathan for a long time and I know him to be a man of peace and that is the main reason why he accepted defeat in good faith. How many politicians can do that? I am impressed by his performance in office and that is the main reason why I said that the people from South West should support his ambition. I am still a strong supporter of President Goodluck because he was the one that is reconstructing Lagos-Ibadan express way, Benin-Ore express road. Obasanjo was our president for eight years he did not pay attention to these roads. I did not collect a single kobo from President Goodluck Jonathan, but I worked for him. I appreciate President Goodluck Jonathan a lot.

Governor Rashidi Ladoja has approached the tribunal over the last gubernatorial election in the State. Did you see Senator Ladoja winning at the tribunal?

Firstly, I told you that Senator Ladoja is a man of peace. He warned all his supporters that they should allow the court to decide his fate. He told us that anybody should not fight on his behalf. As a citizen of the state and the gubernatorial candidate of Accord in the state he has the right to go the tribunal. He has the right to challenge the election. I will not like to comment much on this because the court will decide that. But under the law he has the fundamental right.

Some people are saying that because of your relationship with President Goodluck Jonathan that you are now a sacred cow. How true is this?

That is a big lie. I am a promoter of peace and justice. Nobody can say that I, Sunday Igboho cheated him. What I hate most in my life is cheating I relate with everybody around me. I am a successful business man. I travel to Canada, Germany, Holland and other countries to buy cars. I am a motor dealer. I am an employer of labour. I don’t smoke, drink or womanize. I am a complete gentleman. We should all face our work and support the government in power. Politics is not a do or die affair.

Is it true that Governor Abiola Ajimobi called you to a meeting that you should support his administration?

Yes, it is true that Governor Abiola Ajimobi called me that I should support his administration. Let me tell you that I have known Governor Ajimobi before Senator Ladoja. I got to know him through the Late Alhaji Lamidi Adesina, a former governor. He was the one that introduced me to Governor Ajimobi then. I told Governor Ajimobi that I cannot leave Senator Ladoja. We have been together for a long time. Governor Ajimobi is different from Governor Akala. When I refused to support Akala’s government he wanted to kill me. I must credit Governor Ajimobi for allowing peace to reign in the State. Governor Ajimobi is a good man that has all what it takes to govern the State. Governor Akala’s regime was a monumental disaster in the State. Governor Ajimobi is a man of peace that always extends hand of fellowship to his opponents. I respect him so much.


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