Home News Couple Arrested for Stabbing 10-Year-Old Girl in Her Private Part

Couple Arrested for Stabbing 10-Year-Old Girl in Her Private Part

Couple Arrested For Sabbing And Assaulting A 10-Years-Old Girl

Jerry Okoh-Oboh and his wife, Eucharia, who live on Joshua Street, Agbabiaka, in the Ajangbadi area of Lagos, have been arraigned before an Apapa Magistrate’s Court on three counts bordering on assault, or allegedly beating up and stabbing a 10-year-old girl in her private part with a broken bottle.

The couple were said to be angry when their three-year-old daughter reported that the girl, identified as Chidinma, who is now being treated at a private hospital, fiddled with her vagina while they were playing.

The couple who live in the same compound with the victim and her parents on Joshua Street, Agbabiaka in the Ajangbadi area of Lagos, were said to be very angry when their daughter reported Chidinma’s action to them.

Rather than reporting her to her own parents, they dragged the girl into a room and descended on her, beating her mercilessly before stabbing her private part with a broken bottle.

Earlier that day, Eucharia  who is one of their neighbours had come to the victim’s mother’s residence on April 6, demanding that Chidinma followed her to her room to help her do something.

Not long after, she heard the girl scream and on rushing to the Oboh’s apartment, they found out what had happened to her daughter.

The door was said to be locked on getting there, while her daughter was being beaten, says the victim’s mother.

The Obohs were not satisfied with just beating the girl. The 32-year-old Jerry and his 30-year-old wife allegedly stabbed her in her private parts and allegedly rubbed pepper in it to teach her a bitter lesson.

The couple were said to have fled the area after committing the atrocious act.

The attack was reported at the Okokomaiko Police station. The police later trailed and arrested the couple.

During interrogation, according to the police, Eucharia confessed to the crime, saying she became furious when the girl vehemently denied the allegation made by her three-year-old daughter.


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