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COVID-19: We Are Building More Isolation Centres to Accommodate More – Lagos Health Commissioner

Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Professor Akin Abayomi

The Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Akin Abayomi, has said the government is putting up more isolation centres to accommodate patients with coronavirus.

Mr Abayomi spoke Friday during a media briefing in Lagos.

Last week, the Lagos State government took delivery of a 110-bed isolation facility it conceived and built in collaboration with the management of Guaranty Trust Bank.

The isolation facility at the Infectious Disease Hospital in Yaba has about 100 beds.

“So with the increase in the number of beds we have in our isolation facilities, and we are hoping that in another month or so, we will have about six or seven isolation facilities each with a capacity of just over a 100 beds,” said Mr Abayomi, a professor.

“That will give us a total bed capacity of close to a thousand. And even if we are seeing several hundreds a day we will be able to absorb them in our various isolation facilities across the state. So the important thing to remember is that everybody doesn’t get sick at the same time. It gives us time to treat people and to discharge them.”

Fifteen persons were discharged from the Infectious Disease Hospital this week, the commissioner said, bringing the number of discharged persons since the index case to 24.

‘Mathematical modelling’

Last week, Mr Abayomi said the government’s mathematical modelling shows that the number of coronavirus cases in the state could reach 39,000, but the figure could be reduced by a third if good social distancing is adhered to.

“When we stop seeing new cases, that will indicate that the outbreak is about to burn out,” Mr Abayomi said at Thursday’s press conference.

 “So at the moment, we are still seeing a handful of cases every day. It seems to be increasing slightly but as I said we had anticipated a much larger number of new cases every day. So we are seeing a controllable number of cases and we believe that our modelling indicates that the graph (curve) is beginning to flatten, but we’re still seeing new cases every day.

“So we have not reached our peak. But we’re prolonging the time till we reach our peak, which is a good thing for us because it gives us time to accommodate new cases, it gives us time to train, to analyse the projectile and to put different policies in place.”



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