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The Critical Question for INEC


Whether you listened to Governor Mimiko or Governor Okorocha, the point is the fixing of dates for elections and conduct of elections are the prerogatives of INEC. The Council of States is an advisory body and its decision can only weigh in on INEC to do things right.  So all through the weekend and as the electoral commission entered into a meeting with the political parties on Saturday, the question for INEC to answer is-is the commission ready to conduct the election as scheduled? And INEC must answer this question truthfully. And whatever INEC decides to do in the end, it must be guided by the provision of the electoral law, particularly the 150-30 days window allowed for the conduct of the election, so we dont run foul of the law and give an alibi for the hawks to call for its cancellation. Many have warned that the hawks are back, the ABN of 1993 who created booby traps for the election so they could use them to scuttle the same election are back. We must beware! The tension in the country over the holding or not holding of the poll as scheduled does not help anybody. The doomsday prophecy must stop, we must not give room for those trying to throw away the baby with the bathwater.


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