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Dangote Group Alerts over Use of Its Brand Name by Online Scammers


Dangote Group has raised the alarm over the activities of online fraudsters who the group claimed are maliciously misrepresenting and misusing its brand image and that of its senior executives to defraud unsuspecting members of the public.

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The fraudsters, according to the Dangote Group, perpetuate their wicked act through popular social network sites and also through other channels including email, sms, special placements on e-commerce sites, specifically purporting Dangote Group to be recruiting and requesting payment for recruitment purpose or for the purchase of products such as Dangote Cement, Sugar, Salt, Rice and Flour at ridiculously discounted prices.
Dangote Group on its website said:

In a statement on Monday, the group said: “We have been notified of several scam offers purporting to be sanctioned by Dangote Industries Limited (Dangote Group) or authorised by its top executives. These malicious acts aimed at defrauding unsuspecting members of the public are being perpetuated through several channels including e-mail, sms, telephone, advert placement on e-commerce sites and more recently, online, through several fake accounts impersonating Dangote Industries Limited (referred to as Dangote Group) or its Executive Management, on popular social network.

“These scammers post fictitious messages instructing potential victims to contact representatives of the Dangote Group through phony e-mail, sms and phone numbers, to pay certain amount of money to personal accounts as processing fee. The contact e-mail is always BOGUS, containing the brand name, and registered on public domain.

“Contrary to what is stated in these scam communication, the Dangote Group wish to alert members of the public that the Company is NOT INVOLVED in:

“Unsolicited job offers via e-mail or social network
• Sales Promotion through social network/e-mail except otherwise communicated through our official website or authorized social network accounts provided below

• Loans – Educational/Financial
• Lottery draws/grant awards
• Contract offer
• Membership of fictitious bodies/associations

“While we work towards shutting down the activities and accounts of these scammers, and also prosecute these fraudsters, please note that:

“We ARE NOT engaged in the sale of our products (Cement, Salt, Sugar, Flour, Rice) through social network and third party websites or through fictitious individuals who claim to represent the business interest of the Dangote Group

“• We DO NOT offer employment through social network, or request for monetary payment from job applicants, or for contract approval
• We DO NOT solicit and/or offer business proposition through social network
• We DO NOT authorize communication on behalf of the company through e-mail addresses other than dedicated e-mail addresses registered on the Dangote domain.”

The Dangote Group sued for caution in engaging with individuals claiming to represent the business interest of Dangote Group, especially through social network and to report all suspicious activities to law enforcement or email fraudalert@dangote.com or call 08070188000.”

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