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DAVIDO Abandons NYSC for America Tour, Raising Issues of Double Standards in Orientation Camp



The absence of Nigeria music star, Adeleke David also known as Davido, at the Lagos State National Youth Service Corp, NYSC, Iyana-Ipaja camp, where he is expected to mandatory observe the three weeks orientation programme, has elicited diverse reactions from Nigerians.

The 26-year-old singer was one of the 2,152 Batch ‘B’ Stream II corps members sworn-in at the NYSC Orientation Camp, Iyana-Ipaja on Tuesday.  But he immediately left the country for Boston, United States to begin his ‘Locked Up’ tour, something unheard of in the code guarding national service.

This action by the ’30 billion gang’ crooner has raised some arguments among Nigerians as to whether or not he has flouted the by-laws guiding the NYSC scheme.

However, a look at the NYSC Bye-laws revised in 1993 states the following,

According to Schedule 1: 3b: “During the period of orientation, every member shall:

(i) Attend regularly, punctually and participate fully in all official engagements on the field, at lecture and all places of work;

(ii) Not leave the Orientation Camp or absent himself from any official activity without the written consent of the State Director or his representative;

(iii) When absent from his duties on account of illness ensure that such absence is covered by an “Excuse Duty Certificate” issued by a medical doctor then on duty at the camp.”

The Bye-laws also state penalties for leaving the camp without the permission of the State Director.

According to Schedule 2: 1b states that:

“The following penalties shall be imposed in the following circumstances.

“Leaving the camp without permission of the State Director” will attract “extension of the service year by double the number of days for which the member was absent from his camp and forfeiture of his allowance for the same number of days of which he was absent.”

The NYSC Bye-laws of 1993 is the code guiding every corps member in the country.

While many are criticizing the authorities of NYSC for overlooking Davido’s disregard for the rules guiding the NYSC scheme, others are of the opinion that he may have gotten the written permission of the Lagos state director, NYSC.

A visit by western post to the NYSC orientation camp at Iyana-Ipaja to confirm if Davido actually got the permission to travel and on what grounds, was not successful. An official we met refused to speak on the issue instead asked that all concerns should be directed to the state director, Prince Mohammed Momoh. However all effort to reach the state director were unsuccessful as at the time the report was been published.



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