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Davido vs Wizkid: Who is Better and Bigger?


The fierce competition between the top two Nigerian under 25 stars,  Starboy CEO ‘ Ayo Wizkid Balogun’ & Co- owner HKN records ‘David Davido Adeleke ’,  is one which would probably last till the end of their careers. Though, one came before the other, yet it is tough to decide which is better or ahead.  I mean these two have both made their names in Africa and have both made hit songs all over.  Yet unanimously, fans still believe one is better than the other. In this report, Ofe Ivharue compiled a list leaving you to decide who is better or bigger:

1.  Innovation: Davido may have less hit songs in comparison to Wizkid, he however has invented a dance step, and that will forever be in record. He gave the world ‘the Skelewu dance’ that caught on like wild fire. Making him more innovative than Wizkid.  On the other hand, the closest Wizkid ever got to following suit was imitating the already existing Azonto dance.

2.  International Acquaintances: Yes, loyalty is very revered in the music industry, and yes Davido is doing a very good job in that department. But, while Davido is keeping it real with his home-boys, Wizkid is busy amassing international attention by ‘amigonizing’ with international celebrities. Chris Brown is his buddy. He takes selfies with Justin Bieber.  Rihanna (reportedly) likes his music. He shares the same management with Tinie Tempah. He is basically known by foreign celebs, and he even parties with them.  Maybe this new relationships like the others might not last, still it is a strategy that is working out for him.

3.Song Writing Skills: Wizkid might not have started off on his own, but he has since the beginning of time been the brain and author behind all his songs. And this is an added benefit for the star. Meanwhile, Davido is known to buy songs off artists and has in few occasions been (reportedly) accused of stealing these songs. For example, ‘Gobe’& ‘Aye’. While Wizkid may not have proved he is independent, he has definitely proven he is creative.

4.  Wealth: Maybe in the endorsement war, Wizkid is bigger, but, When it comes to the money war, Davido holds the bigger gun. Apart from being the son of a millionaire, he is making good money off his music more than his competitor.  Davido can make a whopping $50,000 per show.

5.  International Presence: While Davido is marking his territory in Africa, Wizkid prefers to solidify his fan base abroad. While some think this is a bad idea, others think it is pretty much a huge music export. Right now, He has done collaborations with international stars like Akon and Tyga, and is on the verge of doing more with Rihanna and Chris Brown.  This strategy is one day going to earn him international accolades.

6.  Hit Songs:  Wizkid indisputably has more hit songs than Davido. Although, his songs are said to lack substance, nevertheless they become major hit songs almost immediately. It is even said that, perhaps he is Nigeria’s most prolific hit-maker. From his debut album, to the EME compilation album to his new project, Wizkid has made more hits that will last some artistes their entire career to make. Hit for hit, Wizkid is leading this race with a huge gap.

7.  Loyalty: Davido has been acclaimed to being very loyal seeing as he is still friends with the same guys he started with. And loyalty is one thing that helps garner respect and trust in the music industry. Moreover, not only is Davido still friends with his homies from his hustling days, he has also tagged them along on his fame train even signing a few on his record label. Wizkid on the other hand has changed buddies as his life has changed. He is no longer friends with many of the people who hustled with him and some even have issues with him.

8.  Independency:  Davido has been his own boss since the day he joined the music industry. He has never had to answer to anyone. What’s more, he created a label (HKN label in conjunction with his big brother) earlier than expected. However, that is not the same for Wizkid. For four years, he was under the EME set-up controlled by Banky W. He later got a bit of independence when he created Star Boy Records in 2013.

9.  Brand Endorsement: When it comes to brands favourites, Wizkid is a clear winner. He has endorsed more brand products than Davido. he is currently the highest paid Pepsi Ambassador in Africa. This shows that the singer is certainly more revered than his counterpart.

10.  African Presence-in the motherland,  Davido has a firmer grip than Wizkid. Currently,  Davido is popular all over Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Zimbabwe and his home country, Nigeria. He seems to have a plan, trying to conquer his continent before moving to the world. And was able to achieve this by touring the continent extensively within the last two years. Not only is he revered in these African countries, he has also done collaborations with top African stars like, Sarkodie, Shatta Wale, Diamond, Mafikizolo and counting.


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