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Why Dayspring International Is Committed To Raising Godly Relationship-Olamijulo

Pastor Blessing Olamijulo is the senior pastor of Dayspring Ministries International which has branches in Ipaja and Ikeja area of Lagos State. He is the host pastor for ‘Discovery For Singles’, a special outreach to singles and young couples which he started eighteen years ago with the aim of building strong relationships that has foundation in the word of God.
In a recent chat with Western Post Newspaper Olamijulo told us his book ‘100 Insights on Relationships’ which is a guide singles on how to start up relationships that will consummate into great marriages. According to him ‘we live in a world where we need to be careful of the kind of relationships we get into. Many have entered into relationships without a purpose or a direction for it.’
When Olamijulo was called into ministry, he saw different kind of relationships that was without purpose. 100 Insights on Relationships was written to help singles Identify right partners, signs for positive and negative relationships and how to have a healthy marital life.
100 Insights on Relationships
100 Insights on Relationships

Pastor of Dayspring International ministries noted in a chat with Western Post that before any man or woman enters into any relationship. ‘You must know the purpose you are created, for if you don’t know your purpose you cannot give what you don’t have to a relationship. A woman must know the essence of why she was created by God so that she can truly meet the needs of her man , she can be an help mate to him. A man must also know the purpose why he was created so has to lead the home in accordance with the word of God in prayers and supplication, that was why I also wrote on ‘Understanding the Dynamics of Prayers.’
In Understanding the Dynamics of Prayers the pastor of Dayspring International gives insight on why Prayer is key in the life of every individual and how one can use it to attain great success. Noting that faith is key in your walk with God , Olamijulo said holiness is key in your walk with God.

Pastor Blessing Olamijulo
Pastor Blessing Olamijulo

A pastor who has also being bless from his foundation by the late Joseph Ayo Babalola of Christ Apostolic Church and Pastor E.A Adeboye . He noted that the books, preaching’s and teachings of these men of God has helped him in his spirituality and closer walk with God which he is very grateful for.


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