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Defection: You Lack Ideas, Agbaje Replies Bode Goerge


The Lagos State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) 2019 governorship candidate Jimi Agbaje has said there is no iota of truth about his defection to the All Progressives Congress (APC).

In a statement yesterday by Agbaje’s media spokesperson, Felix Oboagwina, he said the politician was still in the PDP and there is no plan do otherwise.

According to him, former Deputy National Chairman of PDP Chief Bode George issued a statement that Agbaje left the PDP. According to Agbaje, it was a false narrative.

He urged George to leave the party if he could no longer add value to PDP.

He said: “People should please tell Bode George to shut up and leave PDP if he lacks any value to add to the party, instead of being a dog in the manger hampering the progress of the party in Lagos State.”

Oboagwina described the news about the purported defection as misinformation that should be discountenanced.

He said Agbaje had never been a member of APC and talks of his “returning” to the ruling party had never crossed his mind.

According to him: “That false narrative is the product of a sick mind. Or how else do you describe someone who just sits down to concoct fiction and markets it as reality? He should tell the world where he got the news being spreading round.

“These shameless party leaders have 2023 in mind. The game-plan is mischievously simple: Give the dog a bad name and chase it away from the party. By 2023, this mudslinging will have scared off credible people from the party, which will leave the whole field to them to continue to corner party resources.

“I am too big to sneak out of one party into another one. And the reality remains that I have not left PDP for any other party, least of all APC.”

He blamed the false narrative on the same set of self-styled party leaders who, on the eve of the governorship election, went to declare for a rival candidate.

“These are people who feel that they want to continue business as usual within PDP,” he said.

“All their interest revolves upon sharing campaign and election funds without giving any thought to how to elevate the party’s chances at the polls or adding value to the process.”

He pointed out that as long as the PDP National Headquarters continued to pamper the divisive characters and pander to their whims, so long would the party continue to fail in elections in Lagos State.


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