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DHL Global Connectedness Index Ranks Nigeria 38 Out of 140 Countries


The DHL Global Connectedness Index has ranked Nigeria 38 out of 140 countries and 12th worldwide on the breadth of connectivity.

DHL said in a statement on Tuesday in Lagos that the index was obtained after a detailed analysis of the state of globalisation around the world by the company’s Global Logistics Department.

The statement quoted Charles Brewer, the Managing Director of DHL Express Sub Saharan Africa as saying that the index was based on international flows of trade, capital, information and people.

It said Africa averaged the third largest increase in connectedness among all global regions in the last four years.

It noted that five countries – Burundi, Mozambique, Madagascar, Mali and Cote d’Ivoire – showed the largest increase in connectedness.

The statement said that Burundi’s largest increase in its global connectedness score was due to the substantial broadening of its international interactions.

Globalisation is the process by which businesses or other organisations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale.

It is one of the key forces shaping the continent’s economic growth and holds vast untapped potential to sustainably improve the living standards for Africans.

The statement said that one of the report’s key findings was that global connectedness, measured by cross-border flows of trade, capital, information and people had recovered most of its losses incurred during the 2008 financial crisis, reports the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

“The report also showed that emerging economies are reshaping global connectedness and now involved in the majority of international interactions.

“In the index, Sub-Saharan Africa’s rising levels of connectedness is driven by the information and people categories,” he said.

The statement said that intra-African as well as international trade were on the mend, adding Africa looked great in the future provided the leaders remained connected.


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