Divine Knowledge Is Antidote To All Human Afflictions, Says Satguru Maharaj Ji


    By Richard Thomas, Ibadan

    The founder of One Love Family, Satguru Maharaj Ji, has for the umpteenth time called on leaders, politicians and Kings to come for Divine Knowledge as this is the only key and antidote to all human afflictions since the ages.

    Maharaj Ji in a statement through the One Love Family Divine Minister for Information, Ojo Mogbadewa, said: “As we transit from the Kali Yuga Age to the era of the Golden Dawn, let’s come for Divine Knowledge, the bedrock of excellence and absolute self-recovery of man’s lost imagery with his Divine Father, Maharaj Ji.”

    Divine Knowledge according to Maharaj Ji, is necessary at this point in time because from the way things are now, stealocracy has become the norm where tribalism, ethnic and religious considerations have become the albatross of those around government recycling fraudulent people in the corridors of power, private and public institutions.

    “The death of our leaders we have been witnessing in the last few months at the ages of 60, 70, 80, 90, shouldn’t be the case because as the perfect image of the Creator, it is not sanguine to see untimely death ravaging our socia-economic landscape and this is why we are begging you once again to please tell the people whether you’re a Yoruba leader, Igbo leader, Itsekiri leader, Hausa leader, Fulani leader etc.

    “Let’s build the kingdom first before the houses, cars and the money because those are the economic boom that will reincarnate you.

    “Divine Knowledge is the key. Please be concerned, sell everything to seek for Divine Knowledge.

    “The scripture says, ‘My children are dying because they lack Knowledge.’ It’s not knowledge of science, Bible, Gita, biology, maths, psychology, chemistry, physics but the knowledge of the Creator within man and today, the Chief whistle blower of life as revealed by The Satguru the potent/true name of the Creator is Maharaj Ji.

    “As the most loving, caring, merciful and compassionate Maharaj Ji knows and has an ameliorating, warm personality to behold. Hence, we should not run away from ourselves.

    “So, please seek yea the kingdom of heaven first. The Kingdom of Heaven is our heart and the key to open it is Satguru Maharaj Ji, so have a happy fantastic year, 2022. We wish you well every step of the day knowing that this life can be guaranteed 100% on land, sea and air.

    “I have to do My job so that the Creator will not blame Me tomorrow that I didn’t tell you. I have told you and you have heard. Take a step,” Maharaj Ji explained.

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