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Do Not Mystify Bello, Tom Adaba, Ipinmisho Warn Media Managers in Kogi


By: Wale Ibrahim, Lokoja

Apparently worried by the way and manner in the media aides  to Governor Yahaya Bello are mystify him, Chief Tom Adaba,  the former National Broadcast Commission has warned them to be humane.

Dr. Adaba gave this warning while speaking at public forum in Lokoja, Kogi State Capital during the weekend,stressing that the is a human being who is susceptible to mistakes like others.

He warned the image makers of the Governor to stop  presenting him as a demigod,noting  that they should try as much as possible to avoid using dirty language while responding to critics.

“The media aids have been covering up their incompetence by creating imaginary entity between the Governor and the mainstream media in the State by promoting the social media higher and above the conventional media that obeys ethics .However the social media has been fighting back as it has created more troubles for the Governor than the positive effects its promoters seek to achieve,” He noted.

The Media guru pointed out that their major functions is to win friends for the Governor rather than making more enemies for him, suggesting that if the Governor wants to return for his second term a lot.
need to be done in the media department.

Also speaking the former Editor of Daily Times of Nigeria, Mr Tunde Pinkish stated the language of Government communication is matured, tamed and regulaled with a view to winning friends for Government.

“God forbid that we have a Government that will never be criticised but when criticisms come government treat them in their stride and in responding you must demonstrate maturity. I express my worry at the kind of the language of communication that emanate from the Government House of Lokoja, you low it is aggressive, as if they want to engage in a fight at all times and my position is when your opponent is in the gutter you don’t fall into the gutter to fight him because any on looker will see you both as being the same so I advice that the Governor should encourage his media team to operate at a level that will win more friends for him not that combating, aggressive language,” He said.

Meanwhile the National President of Nigeria Union of Journalists, Alhaji Waheed Odisule commended the Government for some of the projects especially the invincible ones in terms of security because the security situation has really improved tremendously and as a result of that the Government needs to be commended.

“Some of the projects that are not known to the media I will lay that blame at the feet of the Government. Now that we have been there we should tell the whole world what the Government has done in Kogi State,” Odusile added.

He however appealed to  information managers of the Government to carry everybody in the media along so that their activities would be properly reported so that the people of Kogi will know what the Government is doing.


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