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Don Extols Virtues of Late Sage Awolowo


..Describes Buhari’s war on corruption as ‘cosmetic’

By Adeola Oladele, Ibadan

A university don, Dr. Gbade Ojo, has extolled the visionary leadership style of the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, describing the legacies he left behind as unmatched so far.

The don made the observation while delivering a lecture in commemoration of the 29th anniversary of the passage of the late sage at an event organized by the students of Lead City University, Ibadan under the aegis of “Lead City Voices.”

Speaking on topic titled: “The Change Mantra: Learning From Awo’s Legacies,” Ojo averred that undoubtedly, Awo’s legacies cut across virtually all areas of governance, stating that his legacies were so profound that the records were yet to be matched in virtually all areas by the present crops of politicians.

According to him, he left behind large shoes that are too difficult for his successors to wear, adding that Nigerians are very much eager for a more inward looking futuristic government.

He noted that Awolowo’s exemplary leadership style cut across Education sector, Health, Agriculture, among others.

“His legacy was not restricted to education and health alone. He equally devoted his attention to Agriculture. Cocoa was the main stay of the region’s economy then being an agrarian society. What Awo did was to strengthen the production of Cocoa. With an efficient Marketing Board, Cocoa production output improved. The cocoa building at Dugbe in Ibadan, is a living testimony,” asking where Nigeria is today in terms of agricultural revolution.

The Associate Prof. of Comparative Politics of the University of Ilorin further stressed that  a year after the unique transition from civilian to another civilian government when the ruling party at the federal level caved in for the opposition party to form government, Nigerians are still eagerly waiting for the promised change, which he opined, has not been really felt by most Nigerians.

“It is important to note that the only thing the Federal Government is doing is war against corruption which at best is just a cosmetic exercise for now which in a dispassionate view is intended to discredit the PDP led government and boost the legitimacy rating of the APC led government.

“Whereas, a meaningful war against corruption must be total rather than mere recovery of loot that is ongoing,” Dr. Ojo pointed out.

The guest lecturer, however, advised the Federal Government in its bid at fighting corruption to make it all-encompassing by allowing general re-orientation of Nigerians.

Ojo added: “Be as it is, contemporary public office holders should not be mere managers of the system. But rather come up with robust public policies that could enhance the welfare of Nigerians.”

The don then observed that the lecture became imperative at this time when history had been relegated to the background, noting that it was indeed auspicious now when most pupils at both primary and secondary school levels along with those in the tertiary level of learning might not appreciate the life and times of Chief Awolowo.

“Public perception of History as a subject and discipline is indeed warped. This may not be unconnected with the ongoing economic down turn which even rendered core professionals either unemployed or under-employed,” he stated.


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