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‘Don’t Argue with Mouth, Bet Your Money on Jonathan or Buhari’


There is nothing this forthcoming election hasn’t caused. It has made us laugh with the very many creative audio skits and videos lampooning either of the two leading candidates. There is the Buhari Pull over song and many funny, online pictures of the two presidential candidates that made one laugh.

But now another dimension has been introduced into the contest.

Like somebody remarked, I thought Nairabet, the Nigeria online soccer betting website was just about football, but to my surprise, the company has also latched onto the presidential contest between General Muhammadu Buhari and Dr. Goodluck Jonathan.

Yours truly came across this message on Nairaland: “Are you a fan of President Goodluck Jonathan or General Buhari or any of the other candidates? Do not argue with “mouth” anymore. If you are sure of who is going to win, go and prove it on Nairabet. Put your money where your mouth is.”

What an interesting message!

And talking about putting your money where your mouth is, they are telling you that, “Enu o se” (prove your love for your candidate).

I am just wondering what the reaction of most Nigerians will be to this, but for me I can’t just help but laugh.

People have been laughing courtesy of the funny videos and pictures of the two contestants all over the internet, but now it’s time for some people to lose money and cry courtesy of this president betting.

Though gamblers may not really share my view…

However, I wish you luck as you bet on either Buhari or Jonathan.


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