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Dump Girl Raped, Suspect Begs For Forgiveness


Amusa Jimoh’s fervent cry for mercy after he had allegedly raped a physically-challenged teenager in Ibese area of Ipakodo, a suburb of Lagos, is akin to shedding crocodile’s tears, hence police speedy investigation of his matter.

WP gathered that Jimoh, a neighbour of the abused girl’s father, deliberately took advantage of the girl.

Having laid ambush for her on her way to the toilet, the suspect waited patiently until the unfortunate girl ran into his well-laid trap.

“The boy is a devil, nobody should pity him. He had nursed the plan to rape the girl for a long time. He must have seduced her but failed in the attempt. Then he decided to rape her because of her condition,” a police source said.

Having successfully forced the girl inside his one-room apartment with a sense of fulfillment, he jumped on her, even though, the girl reportedly made some feeble attempts to resist Jimoh, this could not save her as she lost her virginity.

Luckily, her father, who was awaiting her return to the living room upstairs, traced her, and by intuition, stormed Jimoh’s room.

“When I got to his room, it was locked and when I forced the door open, I met Jimoh having sexual intercourse with my daughter,” the girl’s father lamented painfully.

Jimoh was shocked beyond expectation at the turn of the event. His attempt to escape also met a more determined father who not only grabbed him but also alerted neighbours.

The unusual noise from a man known for his gentle disposition drew some young men to the scene.

Jimoh was held hostage inside his room until a team of policemen from Ipakodo Police Station arrived the scene.

All Jimoh could say during interrogation was pleas of forgiveness perhaps thinking that would save his neck.

The suspect has been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) Panti, Yaba, Lagos.

He said he regretted having the thought of raping the girl.

“It is now I am realizing that what I did to her is not good, I am begging her father to help me. I am begging the police to use this as a warning to me. I will not repeat it again,” he said.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police in-charge of the state CID Panti, Yaba, Lagos, Gbenga Adeyanju, said the suspect would be charged to court after investigation is concluded, with a medical report at the General Hospital, Ikeja confirming penetration.

“Once the medical check hd confirmed that, the next thing would be prosecution in court,” DC Adeyanju said.


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