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Ease of Lockdown: Lagosians Troop out En masse, Fail to Adhere to Social Distancing


Monday became a busy day in Lagos after Governor Babajide Sanwo-olu announced the gradual ease of the lockdown imposed on the state due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Lagosians were seen trouping out in large numbers to several destinations, some of them wearing face masks in compliance with the state government’s directive.

But one noticeable thing whether at the banks or on the streets is that they failed to adhere to social distancing, which was supposed to be the norm in a bid to halt the further spread of the pandemic.

In Ikorodu metropolis, some passengers worry that the Lagos State Government shouldn’t have ease the lockdown because of the crowd of commuters who will be on the road.


One important fact noticed at Ikorodu is that most yellow commercial buses,Danfo, did not adhere to social distancing , as Danfo still carried full passenger capacity as against two persons on a row. The commercial buses also increased transport fare as a travel from Ikorodu to Owode Mile 12 which used to be one hundred naira  was between three hundred naira to five hundred naira.

At Abesan Estate to Ipaja -Ipaja ,a lot of tricycle riders adhere to the Lagos State Government orders of two passengers while very few flouted the rule. One of the tricycle riders who spoken in pidgin English said ‘Who I be not to obey the government. What they are asking us to do , is it not for our own sake. If passenger enter my Keke and him no wear Facemask, I go tell am make him so down.’

Reverse is the case in banks within Lagos as many of them couldn’t obey the government rule of social distancing though their staff strength was within the 60 percent instruction given by the state government.

At Iyana-Ipaja market , a lot of the stores which open are those who were given instructions to open on Monday, those selling items  aside from foodstuffs. A bag seller spoken to was lamenting

‘I just put small market outside, I don’t want anybody to come and carry my goods. Since morning , how many bags have I sold. The ones I sold was because I need money, the price they are buying it has no profit. What will I do , I need money, I just have to sell it.’ he said

At Zenith bank around Iyana-Ipaja, there was no social distancing while customers queued to enter the bank, they were so close to one another. Also at the ATM, there was nothing like social distancing. Almost a similar case was noticed at GTB when Western Post visited one of their branches in Lagos. Customers crowded the entrance of the bank , as it was even so difficult to breathe because it was so stuffy.

In the last few days , the number of those who have tested positive to Covid-19 in Lagos State have reduced , but the fear of many is if this ease of Lockdown won’t increase the rate of those who will test positive to Covid-19 in the next few days, and if Lagosians can truly adhere to social distancing while they go about their daily activities.




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