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Edeland: The Turn of Events

This is a very interesting, but upsetting time in the political annals of Edeland, with intrigues, innuendos and abracadabra, now the order of the day. This time in Ede’s political affairs, calls for greater caution, observance of absolute peace and show of love and respect for the voiceless and helpless members of our community who in any case decide the fates of our politicians.
Believe me, I am scared stiff by the turn of events among our key political actors in Edeland in recent times. Their supporters are not helping matters either by heating up the polity, without caring what the end result may be. Our politician should not make Ede volatile, as we are a people who have mastered our direction in life. We should say it in the right way, as it is so that it will be said of all us witnessing the unfolding political drama that we spoke out when we should. This time calls for sober reflection on the parts of politicians of Ede extraction in particular and other well-meaning indigenes in general.
Let me put it on record that Ede has since 1950’s, been in the political limelight. It is a town that has carved a political niche for itself, with the election and appointment of some of our leaders into key offices. Late Alhaji Saka Olanbiwonninu Layonu was a cabinet minister in Western Region in the First Republic. Late Chief Sule Alonge was nominated a Senator in the First Republic. Late Chief Amosa Bolarinwa Lawal of Otun-Omide Compound was a member of the House of Chiefs in the old Western Region. Late Chief Isaac Abiola Adejare and Papa Alimi Oniyere were members of the House of Representative in the First Republic. Late Chief Raji Ayoola Adeleke was a Senator in the Second Republic. These distinguished Ede leaders gave a good account of themselves and made us proud. Not only in politics has Ede excelled but also in other areas. The first African Professor of Computer Science, in person of Prof. Olayide Abass, is from Ede among other notable achievers in other callings.
In the aborted Third Republic, Ede was singularly lucky to have produced the first civilian executive governor of Osun State, in person of Senator Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke. Barrister Adejare Bello was a two-term speaker of Osun House of Assembly. Both of them were shining examples of brilliant service delivery. They gave good accounts of themselves and they so remain our political stars among others.
With all these enviable political and professional achievements by our illustrious citizens- living and dead -, should we now throw our community into political turmoil, over transient political offices at the expense of the peace and progress of the down-trodden in Edeland? There is just no basis to heat up the political atmosphere in Ede, as there are various ample chances for our political gladiators to resolve whatever differences they have without washing their dirty linens in the public. They need not make mockery of themselves or trade words to diminish each other’s reputation, painstakingly built over time. We should nip this development in the bud.
Oba Adesola Lawal, Timi-in-Council Should Move in Now
This is to appeal to all well-meaning Ede indigenes at home and in the Diaspora to kindly appeal for caution and observance of peace on the parts of all our leading politicians and their supporters. When two elephants fight, the grass suffers. We cannot afford any avoidable bad belle and run-him-down syndrome among our politicians.
His Royal Majesty, Oba Munirudeen Adesola Lawal, and Timi-in-Council should employ their God-endowed wisdom to ensure that we continue to witness peace, concord and progress in Edeland. Our religious fathers of different persuasions should also use their pulpits to send messages of cooperation and love to our citizens. They should use religion to unite our people. Nobody should take side or show favouritism to any of the “warring” gladiators. Notable Ede indigenes should see this time, as one that calls for their total involvement in seeing that we remain one indivisible and loving community. They should rise up to the occasion that the present political challenges present and be on the side of history positively. Their pragmatic approach at solving the issues at hand will not make the poor men and women among us, to bear the brunt of the roforofo fight among our political gladiators.

APC, PDP Not Only Parties in Edeland

Right now, there are more than five Ede indigenes that have been nominated deputy governorship candidates of their political parties. They are conducting themselves peacefully and bringing joy to Edeland. There should be no rancor. APC and PDP are not the only political parties in Edeland, why then the hue and cry? Why are they unsettling us? Senator Isiaka Adeleke has provided us the right leadership since his incursion into politics. He deserves our respect as the Asiwaju of Ede. Every community has its stars. Senator Adeleke remains our reference point and central issues in Osun politics. Hon Adejare Bello is our man any day and he deserves our recognition. We are proud of both of them. Those who believe in his political cause should follow him without hassle. It is a free world.
Whatever political offices Ede indigenes are seeking right now should be pursued with the interest accruable to the ordinary citizens in our community a priority to them and not their own self-centredness. Our revered elders in Ede are advised to address the issues at stake dispassionately without favouritism towards anybody or group of people. Ede is greater than all of us. Her accelerated development, peace and prosperity should be our major concern.
Our politicians in particular, should use whatever opportunity they have to attract goodies to Edeland without let or hindrance. In it lies the beauty of democracy and politicking. Let us tread softly and make our affairs in Ede a very lively one. We are our brothers’ keepers in Ede. It is a “one-room enclave” as our forefathers use to say. We cannot allow Ede to be turned into a battle ground for no just cause.
Parents and guardians should counsel their offspring not to allow themselves to be used to cause mayhem or disaffection in our community. Many of our political leaders don’t have their children and wives among us. They are thousands of kilometers away in safe shores abroad and other choice cities in Nigeria, where no harm can come their way. Why must other people’s children be used for dirty jobs? This is a food for thought for our people.
As earlier mentioned, APC and PDP are not the only political parties in Edeland. Other parties are also part of us and we should all embrace an atmosphere of peace, absolute peace in Edeland. It is the result of the elections that will show our leaders their worth before the public. It is a simple matter that causes no quarrel. Our politicians should discuss issues rather than engage in character assassination. Let us tread softly. A stitch in time saves nine they say.
*Lawal writes from Ede, Osun State

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