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EfeMoney of Big Brother Spits in the Face of His Fans


Big Brother Naija 2017 winner, Efe Money, has taken insulted his fans despite their support for him.

He made a series of tweets: “You claim to have supported me because you like me. Nah, you didn’t. It was convenient for you. Mediocrity is your level. I refuse to be. It is top or nothing. Efe is one for all history.

“For all those saying they regret voting for me, I entertained you, and your money has expired the moment the show ended.”

As expected of Big Brother Naija, different housemates come into the house with a strategy to help him/her win the competition.

Efe played on the kindness of Nigerians, saying he came from a poor background.

After winning the prize money, it has been noted that Efe has nothing concrete to show. His latest EP has just been released.

Anonymous sources state that his tweets are publicity stunts to get the masses interested in his nonexistent music career.

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