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EID-EL-FITRI: 2 Lagos Lawmakers Speak on National Unity, Insecurity in The State, Osinbajo And Peace Talks



By: Okunade Adekunle

As Muslim faithful across Nigeria celebrate Eid-el-Fitri on Sunday, the lawmaker representing Oshodi/Isolo Constituency 1 at the Lagos State House of Assembly, Honourable Olusola Abdulhakeem Sokunle, has called on all Muslims in the country to use the celebration to pray for the unity of Nigeria, while also praising the Acting President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, for the various peace talks he embarked upon across board to ensure that the country remains united as a nation.

Hon. Olusola Sokunle

He said this in Oshodi, Lagos, while hosting his Muslim constituents.

The lawmaker said Muslim faithful should use the celebration to extend a helping hand to the less-priviledged, saying through this, there could be equitable distribution of resources and assurance of greatest happiness to the greatest number of people.

He said the unity of the country and her people is non-negotiable, stressing further that a united Nigeria would bring more development to the country than a divided country.

He stated that the various peace meetings held by the Acting President were good steps in the right direction as the country at the moment needs leadership of purpose and focus in ensuring its stability.

The lawmaker argued that traditional and religious leaders have serious role to play in the stabilization of the country politically, socially and economically, acknowledging the fact that these set of leaders command high level of respect among their followers.

“Our traditional and religious leaders have serious role to play in this Nigeria project in all ramifications of our life as they command much respect from their followers. I will urge them to use this commanding strength to campaign for the stability and unity of our great country despite all odds,” said the lawmaker.

“Today is a great day in our life as Muslims and Christians, as the celebration of Eid-el-Fitri falls on the last Sunday of the month of June, during which most Christians hold their thanksgiving service in their various churches. Let us see ourselves as one and one united front for greatness,” said the lawmaker.

He, however, restated his commitment in ensuring that his constituency continues to benefit from the current developmental projects going on in Lagos State, saying that he would continue to use his legislative power to influence and facilitate more state projects to the constituency.


LASG Has Invested Much in Security, Says Hon. Tobun

The Lagos State Government has been described as a big investor in security in order to compliment her being a commercial nerve centre of the country and centre of excellence.

A lawmaker in the House of Assembly, Hon. Abiodun Tobun, said, this recently in an interview.

Hon. Abiodun Tobun

He said the state is not known to be harbouring criminals, but that there are some elements that are encouraging criminality in the state.

Tobun, who is the Chairman, House Committee on Works and Infrastructure, emphasised that the state would soon conquer the criminals still lurking around by the grace of God.

“Security is of great concern, but I believe that there are some external elements that are sponsoring insecurity in the state. The government of Lagos State has invested so much on security as a responsible and responsive government.

“We have the Lagos State Security Trust Fund because security of lives is important to us. We have passed a Bill on Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps (LNSC) into law to protect lives and properties of the people in different communities through information gathering.

“We ensure that security is uppermost in our minds in the state. All the same,  Lagos is still the safest and most peaceful state in Nigeria to live in,” He stated.

On the dreaded Badoo cult group, the lawmaker said the Lagos State government is not directly in-charge of security in the state, and that despite the fact the Governor is the Chief Security Officer of the state, the State Commissioner of Police takes directive directly from the Inspector General of Police.

According to him, by extension, the police and the military men have no solution to the security problem in the state.

He opined that the state government was doing what is expected of her as a government by funding the Rapid Response Squad (RRS). “We are funding RRS heavily, we are spending a lot of money on buying equipment for them, we buy helicopter, gun boats for marine surveillance, we provide bicycles, motorcycles,  pick up cars, cars for land surveillance.

“We have been calling on the Federal Government to allow us have state police, but they refused. It would have been better if the operatives of the LNSC were allowed to carry arms like the regular police,” He said.

Tobun, who is representing Epe Constituency 1 in the state assembly, explained that members of the LNSC reside among the people and that they know some of the criminals.

“They would have worked better if they carry arms, but when you give them only batons, what would they do, they have to protect their own lives too.

“The second side is that the government is planning to ensure that the criminals don’t operate in the state again. Badoo cult group members operate only in Ikorodu axis and I believe that they are people who know the terrain, who know when to strike and when to withdraw.

“It takes two to tango, it takes tough monitoring and effective surveillance to catch them,” He said.

The lawmaker added that the cult group operates in places that are not developed like new sites and jump into the bush to escape once they strike.

He said there is an information that the suspected killers rub oil on their bodies so that they could escape easily.

He said: “They kill their victims with mortars, they are not armed robbers, we can say they are ritual killers. They are people who are trying to create disunity and security threat. It would stop by the time some of them are apprehended. I want to appeal to the local security outfit to also try and stop them.”

Tobun, however, disagreed with the suggestion in some quarters that a state of emergency should be declared in Ikorodu over the activities of Badoo Cult Group.

The politician stated that a state of emergency could not be declared in a local government.

He pointed out that the suspected criminals might not be living in that area.

“A lot of people live in Ikorodu and work in the city and go back home at night. If you declare a state of emergency in the area, then where would they leave.

“I just believe that the government should strengthen the security in that area and re-invigorate their strategy on how to catch the criminals.

“They are not ghosts. Look at the alleged kidnapping kingpin, Evans, that was recently nabbed by the police, he was very clever. His boys didn’t know his house, he changed his telephone numbers at will.

“The Badoo boys would soon be nabbed only that the police should change their strategies and everybody, including the traditional rulers, should support the police”.


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